Patricia Anderson *Naam Yoga Therapist/ Instructor specializing in Self Healing techniques *Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor/Practitioner* Harmonyum Healing System Practioner*

I am passionate about helping people ignite their Self Healing power.

As a Naam Yoga Therapist, Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor and Harmonyum Healing System Practitioner and Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor, I share Self Healing techniques that I have studied, experienced, taught and perfected for decades.

With the healing modality of Integrated Energy Therapy®, you can learn to clear your own 9 cellular memory areas of any old imprints, and be free to move forward with grace and ease without reliving any trauma or unpleasant experiences and you do not have to know what you are releasing, either. You get your issues out of your tissues and continue to maintain this on your own within minutes per day.

Receive a Harmonyum Healing System treatment and make the changes you have always known you’ve needed and always dreamed of making.

Destress for the Holidays TV Interview, 2017

Match this with a dynamic Shakti Naam Yoga practice and you have practical, functional way of creating the life you love with a slim, healthy, beautiful physical body a positive mind and outlook, while living the life you desire with security and the energy of your youth just as I do!

Breath for stress release, stress and anxiety prevention and restorative sleep, use anytime, everyday!
Do you have 10 minutes to change your life, health, energy, business, career prospects and more?
Fit it in, Keep it simple and keep your energy moving in under 11 minutes!

Are you ready? I am!

Call me for a complimentary consultation and let’s get started.

May you be surrounded by Love, Peace and Light!



This attitude for a love filled life is on the Studio window of Naam Yoga LA in Santa Monica, CA