Patricia Ametherea Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor / Practitioner ~~Harmonyum Healing Practitioner ~~ Shakti NAAM Yoga Instructor ~~ Transformation Coach


I am passionate about helping people heal as I have.  That is why we are here on Earth – to heal and evolve!  I am so blessed to have transformed beyond my root blocks.  I am ready and able to assist you to do the same.

We all came in with karmic blocks to discover and heal.  As an Energy Intuitive, one of my gifts is to identify your karmic blocks and work with you and your Higher Self and Guidance to energetically remove them and then help you transition into living issue free.   By clearing the 9 cellular memory areas in your system of any old imprints, you can be free to move forward with grace and ease without reliving any trauma or unpleasant experiences.  You do not have to know what you are releasing, either!   Doesn’t living issue free sound amazing?

Wake up to your Life Purpose in a Joy Filled way and begin to see the Mastery of your life experiences and what you designed.  Discover how simple sessions or classes of Integrated Energy Therapy® can empower you to experience, facilitate and maintain your own healing within your schedule and lifestyle.  Learn about Integrated Energy Therapy® by going to this link on my site

 Are you ready?  I am!

Call me for a complimentary consultation and let’s get started.

Love and Brilliant White Light to you,

Patricia Ametherea  –

Energy Educator

Transformation Coach
Vortex energy, Sedona, AZ
Love from above is with you Now