Why Naam Yoga? Why Now?

I knew at 16 when I heard her say, at 33
I feel old, heavy, its hard being older….
I saw
I felt
I decided right then that would never be me
At 36, I walked into a Drs office again for the 100th time thinking of my young kids
He said, I bet you feel 80
I did and tears just flowed
He said you need a whole life management makeover
You are on the edge of an auto immune disease and more
Go to yoga
Go to meditation classes
He was a blessing
I found yoga though I didn’t want to make the time
I found accupuncture though I didn’t want to pay for it
I was misdiagnosed
Dropping my med copays and Dr visits paid for my accupuncture appts and yoga
I am grateful for the entire experience
Eventually I found Naam Yoga which is the best combination of many practices

I am now living what I knew at 16
I feel better than I did when I was young
I don’t miss my younger days
I have all the energy and more so that
Is the Best of days and yet to come!
Come to our classes and online
Contact me for in person or zoom classes!

Enjoy this video💜🎶🎵

“Naam opens the heart, Naam puts you in touch with love. The entire universe is kept together by the spirit of love.”

from film Dr. Joseph Michael Levry: In His Own Words, Official Selection World Premiere, Rincon International Film Festival #ShareNaam
“Just as a sublime piece of music can speak to something deep and powerful within us, can move us and offer us the glimpse of the Divine, so too, the music of Naam reaches deep into our universal consciousness and moves us toward connection and unity with the Divine.”