Watch why is this the best time for a Break through as we enter New Universal time 8/23 –Mercury? Prepare for the gifts! Also, enjoy the sound vibration Hu, get the free download!

How are you feeling?

This video may help you identify what is happening, why and how to navigate this time to receive all you desire from your hard work and turning challenges into positives!

In my passion to share and help us all be at our best, I am offering complementary phone or zoom sessions so you can have a live sample of simple, systematic approaches to big, positive change you’ve always desired but felt was too much to reach for!

My recent video allows you to feel the power in under 15 minutes of a simple, daily practice of Shakti Naam Yoga. You will be surprised at how simple breathwork and movement that anyone can do makes you feel and makes any obstacle begin to melt and appear smaller. You will have a clear, calmer head, uplifted, happy mood so your day to day life feels more fun, pleasant and manageable in 1 or more tries– no exaggeration! I’ve experienced it and watch it happen everyday with students of any age and situation.

Email me to request for a complementary session at and I will send you the password to this simple video which includes movements to help with deep, restorative sleep too!

Right now, try this:

For Self Love and Self Healing:

Here is a Mantra for tremendous healing

The sound is Hu

I especially love this sound because I began singing and using it in my sessions before I knew anything about sound vibration in 2012. It just began to come out of my mouth during sessions and guided meditations with my clients, in my sleep, in my own healing. I went to a Naam yoga gong meditation to do the guided meditation portion of the event for friend, Nicole Coyle of Naam Yoga Arizona and Hu again was something I began to sing. After the event, Nicole told me it was one of the mantras they used and it was another one of those affirming moments in my journey. We are all Divine, tuned in and connected in mysterious and precious ways to help us evolve in faith and awareness.

Enjoy this mantra and click on this link for the free download from below. I have included the meaning and power behind HU as well.

Try it with the hand posture (mudra) for Self Love placed at your heart center.

The mantra HU is a love song to God. It is one of the oldest and most sacred names of God. Indeed, by vibrating HU you invite the healing and Light of heaven into your life while dispelling negative energy. It will tune your central nervous system and bring you into a neutral state of mind. HU has a very soothing effect on the heart and brain, refining and improving the personality. It is a good remedy for addiction. A daily practice of HU is also beneficial for relieving insomnia, stress and high blood pressure, keeping the body young and emotionally peaceful. It also amplifies the auric field and makes one extremely magnetic, so that the things you need will be drawn to you. By working with this recording of HU on a daily basis your entire life will change.

Here’s to your success, health, and keys to a winning Attitude giving you the ability to face all your challenges with security, confidence and any loving support you need as you grow!

I look forward to hearing from you very soon!