Watch Releasing Heavy Emotions in 4 minutes or less

Enjoy this rough cut video to release heavy emotions and rebalance your brain and system in 4 minutes or less!

This is useful anytime

It is also helpful today. We have a lot more energy of water today which can lead to reactions, emotional rollercoasters, fluctuating mind, projections……

(I Apologize for the choppy quality of this video!)

Shake it out 3 minutes


Arms over head relatively straight mindful of joints

Straighter arms improved digestion and overhead boosts immune system

Breathwork to release Anger and frustration whether you feel it or not the it’s in the cell memory, get it out!

Clink on Link for video:

The track can be found on

I will upload soon for use here

It is my best friend lately and can be said or sung without the track

See the words and benefits on the picture

It is powerful clearing whether you know where or what you need cleared!

Enjoy your day

Clear your energy whether you feel terrific or not


TOMORROW is going to be GOOD and you don’t want to take old energy into your day tomorrow.

We do the work to receive by raising our vibration by increasing the oxygen/prana/ energy/light

To send out the darkness or heavy feeling inside. It must go because you brought in Light

The brain will be balanced which means the frontal lobe will be energized and filled with oxygen for clear decisions

The body will release and detox anything that stresses it

Breath is king of the mind which means when we breathe deeply and sweat, the mind becomes happier, focused and positive

There are countless benefits to doing deeper breaths and movement that clears stagnation out of our lives!

I love what I learn in Shakti Naam Yoga!

Let’s thrive!

My life is as easy as breathing is my attitude and daily mantra and this has revolutionized my life in every way

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