Whole Food Nutrition– Why My family and I take Juice Plus daily and Organic Gardening

For vibrational support of mind, body, spirit promoting wellness while you are going UP please email me or visit https://patriciaanderson1.juiceplus.com/us/en  if necessary please copy and paste into a browser

I am passionate about this organic whole food supplement because my family has taken it since 2008, my Holistic doctor took it for 12 years prior to recommending it to me, her doctor for 8 or so years before that and we have gone from being a sick family to a very healthy, vibrant family!  We took advantage of the Children’s health study and got Juice Plus in capsule and gummy form for free for our children for 3 years. There is nothing like this study!  You can see more about the study below.

The only supplement medically tested and proven to get into the bloodstream and studied in research for over 20 years to resolve or better yet prevent physical illness.  It is approved by the FDA to be accurate on the label about the ingredients and level of nutrition because it is WHOLE FOOD not just a regular vitamin.

The Juice Plus+ Company is dedicated to advancing the body of peer-reviewed and published scientific research on Juice Plus+, and has been for well over a decade. Toward this end, the company reinvests a portion of its profits each year to awarding competitive grants for sponsored research projects at leading institutions around the world. Much of the work featured on this page was funded in this manner.

University faculty seeking to apply for a grant should contact the company directly at grantinformation@juiceplus.com

View clinical results: https://patriciaanderson1.juiceplus.com/us/en/clinical-research/clinical-research

Or online PDF version:

file:///C:/Users/Patricia%20Anderson/Documents/Juice%20Plus/userFlyer%20clinical%20research.pdf   (copy and paste into browser)

Childrens Health Study available for 3 free years of whole food nutrition for age 4 up through college age. Amazing study helping so many children. You can see this study here http://www.childrenshealthstudy.com/results.html (please copy and paste in browser or go to the site above)

Just a quick way to get toxin free fully ripe fruits and veggies into the system in a way we may not have time for ourselves.  We must offset the free radicals and stress in the environment and often in our way of living until we can be free to live as we are designed.
17 fruits and veggies grown organically, picked ripe, toxin and pesticide free in capsule or gummy form grown in small family farms we love!



For your home garden no matter what space you have

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  1. yes, can u let me know uk sign up fee, would like to organise and order products nxt week…look forward to speaking soon, Caroline

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