I am called The Feeler – Energy Intuitive Highly Sensitive to Energy


I base my motivations and passion about serving on this wisdom:

……The Soul looks at the person that stands before it.  The Soul deeply feels that person.  The Soul is able to determine where that person’s Soul lies……It can draw it out.  And it helps the person to free himpatricia-29self from fear, and once free from fear he can make choices based on his own logic.

That is what helping is about.  It is not about making decisions, giving opinions, or solving other people’s problems for them.
Real help is about getting the other person’s Soul to shine by means of compassion, cleansing, and love……


The Book of Light


This is what gets me up in the morning and makes daily living what I call joyful living
This is my goal and my daily growth that I first apply to myself and my family and then to my service to others
This growth has come over a lifetime and especially with the experience of awakening and service over the last many years

I am highly sensitive to energy and by design, feel your energy and how much Soul energy you have within your physical body and creative expression
I see the health of your energy inside
I am a Divine Conduit and Facilitator which means I do not absorb or attach to your energy or disrupt your Self Will or the Lessons you planned
I feel your energypatricia-52
I feel your Ego
I feel your Soul
I see your Path and life patterns

I love you,

Patricia Ametherea

Oracle, Energy Intuitive Divine Conduit, Facilitator

Integrated Energy Therapy®  Master Instructor/Practitioner

Are you highly sensitive to energy or feel you are Empathic?
Do you struggle with energy imbalances?
Do you struggle with codependency, other addictions or physical discomfort or illnesses?
Are you seeking the Ascension experience of Heaven on Earth?
Please see my Integrated Energy Therapy ® Master Instructor/Practitioner page


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