The Unified Being, Unified Family sessions ~~ the passionate, effortless life of purpose and dream fulfillment

Do you know yourself and how to let your heart lead you?
Do you have areas about yourself you do not understand or seem to question, doubt, ignore or camouflage?
Do you want to have a passionate, loving life with your partner, work, have children, and be there for them as the mother, father, parent you have always dreamed of Being and wished you had yourself growing up?

There are simple answers that you will feel resonating in your very bones in a session including information about your life, your family dynamics, how to move forward with simple steps, exercises, connection that will guide you in each step in any moment of stress or confusion from that session forward.
You will leave the 1st session with the weight of the world literally dismantled from your energy like a structure was removed
You will notice features changed
A new awareness of yourself as you look into the mirror
You will know the part of yourself and life that was buried under rubble
If you had compulsions, they will cease…..
Each session is different and is also dependent on your goals and life situation.
You will customize this through your Higher Self and determine the pace of change

Family dynamics, or personal patterns will be revealed by understanding your Life Blueprint….that alone is an awakening
The number of sessions will be dependent on goals, however you will learn self healing techniques that will become 2nd nature and quite effective as you use them.

Contact me for more information or a sample.
You will walk away from a free consultation with a tool you will use daily for the rest of your life and answers that will always help you.

Most sessions can be remote by phone
In person is always an option
You will receive more info as to what to expect to have the best experience and leave each session feeling relaxed and light

I look forward to this experience with you!
I can not wait to watch your heart and soul Join and that magic as you fall in love with yourself
Live more passionately
Live as you have always dreamed
Feel Unified and heart centered
Feel an effortless ease in each day
I do and I will more so as we create that with you

Let’s become this Unified Being and Unified Family together

We need that at this time on Earth☀️👼💜Lovingly,
Patricia Anderson
Naam Yoga Therapist
Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor
Children and Family Dynamics Specialist