The healing vibrational support of NAAM

Enjoy the vibrational support of NAAM music

The following are various links that may support you to improve your vibration as you listen

You may play on silent and continuous and benefit

You may play 24 hours a day to protect and improve your home and all of your family.  On silent works too!

Your aura extends from your home wherever you travel so if you play Triple Mantra*, for example on continuous, it supports you as you leave your home and go about your day.  If you also would like to improve your vibration and those around you, download onto your device from and carry it on silent wherever you wander or feel free to use this page any time.

Enjoy your Raised experience as you experiment with the special support of NAAM yoga music masterly crafted Dr. Joseph Levry!  It has changed many, many lives to date in powerful ways – physical, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  You can chant these and make your practice from 3 to 11 minutes or more per day and bring in a whole new way of living.  11 minutes can change your circumstances and any problem.  31 minutes can change your DNA….seek more information at and always work with your healthcare professionals to make a well informed and well rounded choice for your well being.  There are more tools to help us in this age more than any  other.


*Soulful Triple Mantra
This mantra clears all types of psychic and physical obstacles in one’s daily life. It is a sure protection against car, plane or other accidents. It cuts through all opposing vibrations, thoughts, words and actions. Listening to or chanting along with Triple Mantra will strengthen your magnetic field and keep negativity away. There are three parts to this mantra. The first part, starting with Ad Guray Nameh, will surround you with a powerful light of protection. Chanting the first part of this mantra gives you space, which means that your aura protects you by nine feet. If you are early or late by nine feet, you may not be entangled with that moment in time of a particular event. In other words, you cannot stop time, but you can gain or lose space. The second part of the mantra, starting with Ad Such, will remove obstacles from your spiritual path. The third part will remove all types of obstacles from your daily life. Prior to surgery, Chant along with the Triple Mantra CD for a minimum of 11 minutes in the morning or a maximum of 31 minutes prior to surgery. If possible, right before surgery repeat Triple Mantra audibly eleven times for the light to be with you.

One of the most powerful prayers you may speak on the inner our with your beautiful voice!


This prayer is spoken by one of the highest vibrations on Earth with unconditional love flowing through Dr. Joseph Levry, founder of NAAM yoga

Heavenly Prayer of Light
The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, is perhaps the most profound blessing you can use for yourself and others. It has been empowered in the collective psyche. As a result, reciting it will both nurture your psychic body and allow you to commune with the higher forces of nature in a selfless way. It can be done by itself or as a closure to your yoga and meditation sessions. Another way is to recite this prayer after your spiritual practice, to increase its potency.

Love before me
Love behind me
Love at my left
Love at my right
Love above me
Love below me
Love unto me
Love in my surroundings
Love to all
Love to the Universe

Peace before me
Peace behind me
Peace at my left
Peace at my right
Peace above me
Peace below me
Peace unto me
Peace in my surroundings
Peace to all
Peace to the Universe

Light before me
Light behind me
Light at my left
Light at my right
Light above me
Light below me
Light unto me
Light in my surroundings
Light to all
Light to the Universe

The recording takes a few minutes to be begin….




Healing Lumen de Lumine
Lumen de Lumine represents the light that is the most powerful factor in Nature’s creative work. Lumen de Lumine translates as Light from Light. Deum de Deo translates as God from God, whose Spirit is the bearer of complete Light. Lumen de Lumine also refers to the light that has many degrees of manifestation. There are three main kinds of light. Physical light, spiritual light and Divine light. The light we perceive in the physical world differs from the light that shines in the spiritual world, just as it differs from the light that illuminates the Divine world. Physical eyes access physical light. Spiritual vision accesses spiritual light. Divine vision accesses divine light. By working with Lumen de Lumine you can receive spiritual vision in order to perceive and comprehend spiritual light. This, in turn, opens up a boundless, marvelous world in which illumination reigns supreme.

The degree of development of all beings depends upon the quality and quantity of light they possess. A person’s character, intelligence and spiritual elevation are judged according to the quality and quantity of light he/she perceives and manifests. In short, a person is known by the light of his/her life; the more radiant the light emanating from an intelligent being, the more mightily it illumines and gives meaning to life, and the higher the intelligence it brings. As we enter the hereafter, it is our level of light that reveals the kind of life we have lived. If we learn Divine Spiritual Wisdom, serve others during our time on earth, we will be enveloped with a beautiful, bright light that contains more joy and blessing than we can imagine. Wherever we look, we will see only boundless light. Within the unceasing, infinite radiance of this unlimited light there are no shadows.


Here is to the raising of you vibration to feel more Light flow through you and around you!

Lovingly and always sending Healing Light and a Heartlink to your Personal Healing Angels,

Patricia Amethera