The Gift of Being Highly Sensitive, from partial disability to vibrant health ~~ possible solutions

How Sensitive are you?

I am the kind of sensitive where I feel the energy of people, objects, spaces, the Earth, thought patterns, wounding and death no matter the timeframe in nature or spaces, Angelic and Elemental energy or Entities of any type.

This caused challenges in doing laundry, cleaning my house, going anywhere people gathered especially if there was any level of emotions. I am sensitive to the energy in the written word, recordings, videos, television or across any distance when I read something or when I think of someone or when they attempt to connect to me. I especially feel this if there are strong negative feelings towards me of anger or blame or high levels of love.  I feel the energy around the people I love if I am not vigilant and aware – especially during days of acute codependency, exhaustion and fear.

Many sensitive or highly sensitive people are like this whether we know it or not. Many of us accumulated density through lifetimes to manage this in various ways. Many of us Self medicate through substance, isolation, control or avoidance, codependent practices by being out of our bodies, by surrounding ourselves with others energy to block out the pain of years of misdiagnosis or misunderstanding ourselves and not relating well with others and much more…. Many of us are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, Immune Disorders, ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Bipolar, etc…

Often when we are diagnosed, we have the physical ailment for a variety of reasons. In my case, I was misdiagnosed but on the cusp of developing an autoimmune illness and already partially disabled. My daughter was also misdiagnosed with Bipolar and ADD ADHD and Anxiety but it was early enough to create positive change and well being by those that understand energy imbalances, sensitivity, absorption, and transmuting of energy – an old world practice used by Empaths. This fueled my research and Self Healing for my family as we were all effected deeply in day to day life by the “Sensitives” in the family.


The statement above is the method I have used to move to Divine Empathy and Facilitation. This is a state I could finally experience freedom versus absorption or challenge of being sensitive in all areas of my life…home, in the public running errands or especially in my service to others.

I left behind my rescuing patterns of many lifetimes or being outer focused while serving or nurturing which caused the density of suppressed emotions and the many energies of others to accumulate inside my energy and physical body. Through experience and education, I began to understand the use of human energy chords and why we use them and how to be free of them.  This has challenging lesson for many of us since our first Incarnations.  I began to understand deep connections with others feeling like an uncontrollable or very desirable magnet also caused an intense sticky experience some call Soul Mate, Twin Flame or Love Connection but eventually feel trapped by.  I began to identify the density inside that caused the magnetization to release the suppressed memory once and for all. I began to understand my life experience.

I saw this challenge as a healing lesson.  I began to understand it was my choice to end my pain, suffering and confusion once and for all ending the lesson permanently, raising me to a higher level of consciousness Healing the cells and system and revealing my Life Purpose.  This healing went through all the layers — physical, emotional, mental and spiritually and created a high vibration and reverse of any prior physical damage as well. This experience healed my relationship with myself, my family or origin and with my daughters. What I saw as a curse at one time, I now feel deeply grateful for.  As my daughter says “….Challenges make me stronger and I see what I capable of which makes me deeply grateful.”  That is a paraphrase but melted my heart to her forever as it also melted away any of my pain, guilt, sadness and suffering for her experience.  She is vibrant, empowered and still growing and so am I!

This is a long story with a very happy ending! :


Cellular Energy release and Energy Healing caused me to experience an energetic intimacy with myself so I can now understand where my energy begins as an Energy Intuitive and where it ends as a highly sensitive being with an open heart. It also helped me get up and out of bed to choose holistic methods through acupuncture, yoga and positive energy educators who understood the impact physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I was guided to supplements that helped me to improve my energy and reverse the effects on my physical body and DNA that were medically proven to work through 20 years of study, cheap, simple and safe.  These supplements and holistic approaches also helped my family so we began to heal at the core.  It was not easy or short, but it was worth every Step!

I wish all Beings freedom to be who they are and thoroughly enjoy the gift of Sensitivity.

We were created sensitive and can end up with the true Gift we came here to experience and BE:

Highly Sensitive

For our Highest Good and Healing and for anyone we are in plan to pass this Gift on to by Divine Facilitation or education of the Highest Order, may we enjoy our choice of Highly Sensitive Being.

I intend only love with this sharing. Please release it if it does not resonate or assist you!! *

Patricia Ametherea
Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor/Practitioner
Oracle Divine Conduit and Facilitator

*I am not a medical doctor, I am an Energy Intuitive.  This practice does not diagnose nor invalidate the need for traditional medicine or any healing practices. Traditional medicine is as important as holistic methods and should be used with awareness and thoughtfulness.