Testimonials IET Steps for Transformation Series and Healing Angels of the Energy Field Series


I love hearing what the Healing Angels of the Human Energy Field and the information in these classes does for my students.  I can’t wait to add your experience and transformation here too!

I want to share this Testimonial with everyone who might be interested in taking one of the classes Patricia is offering.

I just completed MY IET course with Patricia. What an amazingly beautiful experience! Working with her has been so much fun! I looked forward to our session every week. It was EXACTLY what I was in search of for my spiritual journey. For anyone looking for a connection to Angels, this is THEE class! Since completing the class, I have had several close interactions with the Angels. Two experiences were so AMAZING & EXCITING I had to pinch myself to realize they were actually happening! If anyone wants more details, feel free to contact me I would be happy to share each of the experiences. There are several little ones about manifesting things as well.

I am now in the next class where we are getting to know each of the Angels on a deeper level. We just did the first class where we connected with Ariel & Rafael. This was yet another amazing contact with them! I am so excited to continue my journey with the Angels & you Patricia! Thank you so much!!

Lisa, Calif

Sunday I did steps 1-4 & will do 5-7 next. I wanted to share my experience. Bottom line I feel lighter & happier since. I’ve been working through the heaviness & anger of a betrayal for 5 months so I identified with the healing qualities of Angel Cassiel. Steps 1-3 were light & easy to get through… Very calming & relaxing. Step 4 (forgiveness) I was most resistant to. I felt A rocking back-and-forth motion during our meditation. It was as though I was sitting in a rocking chair. I’ve heard this back-and-forth motion can happen to your body when you start vibrating at a higher frequency. I was also very antsy during the meditation and uncomfortable, but I feel that this was the strongest progression forward for me. Although my body and mind were resistant I do feel that it was still just as beneficial if not more so than if I had been comfortable. I felt a sense of peace, calmness, yet at the same time energized since then. And I have slept very well. A wonderful way to enrich life & heal. Thank you Patricia Anderson

Stefanie, Arizona

After completing the 1st step of the IET class I felt a love and appreciation for my body, exactly as it is. I looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful, strong woman, whereas just 24 hours prior, all I was seeing were flaws and had negative emotions about what I looked at. The beauty of my true self is shining through! I have a new drive to continue certifications that will help me with my career goals. I feel a deeper appreciation for who my husband is and have let go of old beliefs and fears that have blocked me from giving and receiving pure love.

After completing the 2nd step of the IET class I feel judgment and resentment lifting and I have found myself seeing all that is good with people instead of focusing on how I believe certain people should act. I feel lighter and more connected to the sources that guide and protect me. After a long period of not asking for help and questioning my faith in something “bigger than me” I have taken more time to connect and listen for the guidance and feel the love.

L from Texas

transformation pic

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