Spring clean your energy for health, relationships, wealth 3/31

This is THE best time to start new while in your own space

Make time for yourself

This is great for couples work groups, families *

We have all the energy behind us to create whatever we would like to feel and experience

When we do intentional exercise and cleansing meditation in our homes or favorite spaces we raise our energy, the energy of our space and how we relate to ourselves and everyone in that space.

Enjoy being guided through simple breath and movements for approximately 20 minutes to prepare your energy

You will then have a guided meditation while fully relaxed to let go of old cellular memory weighing you down for approximately 40 minutes

You will experience a deep meditative space, fully relax and possibly sleep

You will recover fully integrated having let go of heavy, old energy that has been weighing you down for years emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Be prepared to feel fantastic!

This is a gentle and loving process that will meet you just where you are at and serve you for your highest and best.

If you are interested, you will receive simple information to prepare which isn’t much!

Have your Yoga mat, comfortable space, water, open mind, device for zoom

Guided meditation portion of class can be audio only

You will be muted except for questions:)

Saturday, March 31 10am Pacific time

Group class via zoom $33

Individual sessions by appointment 3/31 or 4/1 or let’s schedule you when ready (yes, Easter is a great day for this!) $74

Includes information for at home practice and support

*Children: I teach yoga in home with families and children daily. They love it even if they just do part of it, relax and play nearby. They will benefit tremendously from the guided meditation and have much to release too.

Please contact me for a complementary 15 sample session and questions:

Patricia00300@gmail.com or Facebook message

May you choose to release your limits this year, especially this spring so your remaining part of the year will bless you immeasurably.

Do not underestimate what one , simple choice at the right time can do for your life and goals.

I am forever grateful I followed that advice myself and I am now here for you and all that surround you.

May you Be Surrounded in Love, Peace and Light!



Naam Yoga Instructor

Harmonyum Healing System Practitioner

Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner