Shake out your limititations making room to Receive!

“the Breath is King of the Mind and the Mind is the King of the Senses”; in other words, when a person can master their mind, they can master their reality-they no longer serve the suffering that the fluctuations of life and the Body of Pain can bring.  

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Founder of Naam Yoga

In NAAM yoga we have an amazing practice of ☆☆shaking out☆☆ all the tension, anxiety, blues anything!!!  Lift your Heart and quiet your mind!

There are no rules, just do what you feel.
Listen to what your system wants

Shatter all limits Inside to feel joy and change the Outside! Make room inside to receive your Hearts desires, release physical tension and stress and to connect to your inner Light and the Divine Light

Below are some songs you may hear in this portion of a Shakti NAAM Yoga class and you can right use now:


Impossible to stand or sit still to this one!!


Purchase this amazing track at

Love to you all!!!
Loving NAAM and grateful to ALL!

If you are in Arizona, come to this center in Mesa or to learn more about Naam AZ see this link below

Amazing for any type of healing – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual

For all information about Naam Yoga go to

Patricia Ametherea

Harmonyum Practitioner

Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor / Practitioner

Shakti NAAM Instructor

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