Sessions, Scheduling now Sept 4, 5,7,8,9,11,12,14&15 Receive, Cleanse, Life Purpose Steps to Live stress free and more! Special Discounts NOW – Give as a GIFT!

These sessions have been truly remarkable and due to my In-home business with families, parents, children and students they are filling Fast – no gimmick just to help you plan

I have had the growing experience to help the lineage shift for many families and I am sharing this in what I call Energy Cleansing and healing sessions.

We all have an energy body that we may be aware of or not. This energy body can hold debris that causes fatigue, emotional turmoil, causes us to clash and absorb the emotions and thoughts of others plus holds us back cycling through experiences we thought were completed.

It has been proven that stress is a cause of fatigue and illness

It has also been proven that most of our energy is tied up in the past which causes stress and fatigue

To keep it simple, these sessions will cause you to feel clarity, nourished, refreshed and take YEARS and lifetimes of weight off of you that causes a literal face and body lift, a Sense of Self and well- being Lift while helping us change what we have always wanted to change far more easily and quickly

This is a Guided meditation

1. We Start over the phone in your special place sitting to check in and set intention

2. Lay down, relax, sleep and receive

3. Receive Reactivation hand postures so you can quickly run this new, slick amazing technology in your system daily when you need it without struggle, re-feeling or reliving just like running your favorite Software or App on our phone!

That’s it! 3 steps!

You will wake grounded with grounding suggestions

You will feel relaxed, refreshed and clear

You will have a new sense of self, well-being that will last and you can expand with ease

You will receive on-going support so as you move forward you know

How to keep your energy clear, clean, sealed and protected

When you need to use or gain new tools

How to process your dreams and visions

Understand the energy signals to receive again so you work far less

We all need to receive! Anyone in a big transition and especially caregivers, practitioners, teachers, people who work with the public saves their energy, time and health by receiving and continued learning of energy cleansing techniques

Phone Session Discounts when purchased Sept 5 & scheduled:

2 sessions: $120, gives you 1 free in person Shakti Naam Yoga Class (Fri 10am, More Scheduling Soon, or by Zoom – Will Be Scheduled soon!)

1 session: $82

Family discounts (multiple family members on 1 call or scheduling individual sessions) depends on number! Incredible opportunity to heal your age old family debris and upgrade your relationships to unconditional and loving

1 to 1.5 hours depending on intention and your time

Pay by Square Invoice, Venmo or ChasePay!

Scheduling NOW

Purchasing and Scheduling starts to MOVE your energy in the direction you desire

AHH…is that a Gimmick??

Schedule BEFORE by END of day Sept 5! It will start a very positive change while the Universal Mercury time and New moon are supporting you. This is not a sales tool or gimmick!

This is how the Universe helps us through time, order and actions!

Simple…lets prove it!

Reach me at 602-481-8687 or

Please contact with questions if you are intending to receive and change for the positive only! Sliding scale may be considered

I love you all!