What Definitions are running your life?


What Defines you?  An Energy explanation

Every day we are experiencing an unfinished lesson arise that creates some level of stress.
In minutes, due to the wiring running through your energetic system, emotions, mental and spiritual layers, you can be thrown back to earlier times in childhood and RESPOND to current day events from that energy, emotional, mental, spiritual state.
Quite simply, a button got pushed and you REact.
You react from an earlier event and experience what got embedded in your system and cells.  While there are many explanations, this is what some people refer to as an over reaction or reactions that do not seem to match the situation.
These triggers either keep you in the past or fear of the future. You are not present and able to respond accordingly. Your energy is not completely available to you so your ability to effectively deal with life and navigate through situations with ease is compromised. As life goes on, more wiring — Definition is built around this same process….it gets stronger and more limiting energetically.  The energy imprint that you perceive life through, attract life experiences through gets stronger.

During a session to release cellular memories, the Definition is exposed on many levels so it may be removed. There is no need to relive the initial event or know all the details. The Definition, emotions and all toxic energy accumulated is cleansed away. The lesson associated is complete so the Definition based on Love and trust can then be installed and integrated instantaneously as your system and consciousness will allow.  Your Higher Self and Guidance co-creates this Definition with YOU for your advancement.  Your Higher Sense Perception is cleared so you begin to flow with ease once again.

With simple training, you can begin to respond to these types of triggers in a whole new way.  The Self Validation process I teach allows you to release any embedded programs you find within a few minutes and release a pattern that may have been plaguing you through this life….many lifetimes with your own Self Healing Power aligned with the Angelic Real and your Guidance!  While some programs you find may be quite large and require assistance to identify, extract and upgrade to a joyful way of living, most can be done without changing much of your day to day routine especially when a consistent energy cleansing meditation process is used daily.

Regular talk therapy approach, while valuable, could take many years to clear these embedded programs and emotional density. This Self Validation process combined with Integrated Energy Therapy® and Energy Cleansing can clear the old pattern and debris out within a few minutes of work. It is not magic, it is not a bunch of hype, it is simply knowing how our energy system works and being taught how to unlock our Healing abilities while partnering with Divine love and Guidance.

Have you been on a healing journey for sometime and feel fatigued by the thought of continuing?
Have you been doing your best to heal old emotional patterns yet still seem to be triggered by them without full resolution?
Do you feel like you have covered the same emotional patterns again and again in different healing modalities, therapy, 12 step programs only to still feel stuck?
Do you feel fatigued instead of vibrant after you use your gifts as a lightworker?
You could be ready to clear the debris as I was and enjoy a freedom and higher energy level!
While nothing is a QUICK FIX or instant, this is very close to it as your consciousness raises to more truth and trust in healing possibilities and your REALITY changes. You free yourself and all of those that have played out these dramas with you including your current family, your Ancestors and future lineage!

I combine this process with Integrated Energy Therapy® and Energy Cleansing in one light, simple session. Sessions vary in length depending what you system needs and where you are in your healing journey.  For more information, see separate links above or contact me for information at patriciaametherea@gmail.com.  Lets customize something that fits your goals and energy needs!

In a free consultation, you can experience a change in energy by receiving a 5 minute Empowerment session to feel the shift and learn how to begin to utilize this process and energy cleansing to lighten your life. Please email me for a free energy reading to get started.


Are you a Therapist, Light worker or other practioner? This process can assist you to clear your energy of blocks within minutes and can easily and quickly be taught to your clients so they may enjoy this simple integration of change to maintain the work you do with them in your appointments. It will help them progress and make your work much lighter and less draining. It is not right for every client or practioner, however, with your improved Higher Sense Perception and lighter energy, you will discern and process all your work and life with clarity, ease and grace.

*****Business or Relationship consultation process
By request and agreement, I tune into your work or home situations that seem to be wrapped up in old patterns.  I can read your energy and find the wiring that is running at the time so we can release the old Definitions and resolve your patterns more quickly.  For more information, please contact me.


I look forward to meeting you!patricia-8

Patricia Ametherea
Oracle, Energy Intuitive Divine Conduit, Facilitator
Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor / Practitioner

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