New class available ~~ Ignite Your Self Healing System


Throw the doors open to your intuition and
heal anything in your body, emotional, mental connection.
Release cellular memory imprints that weigh you down and hold you back from manifesting your Hearts desires.

Reduce stress and the impact stress has had on your physical body
Boost your immune system
Boost your metabolism
Improve restorative sleep
Clear your mind
Decrease and reverse the effects of stress on the body and entire system
Release CODEPENDENCY which is the root of illness and spread through much of society
Identify your Life Purpose action steps
Benefits you and all people in your circle ~~ all Healing clears the energy between you and all others
Healing on children, spouse or anyone you care about can be done remotely within the respect of Self Will

Bold claims?
Here’s one more ~~easy to integrate as you improve your connection to your body, mind, emotions and spirit

Anything can be healed
You will improve your connection to your Higher Self and Personal Healing Angels, and see results
Each reactivation takes minutes per day and causes wonderful relaxtion

This class is a mixture of the Integrated Energy Therapy Healing Angels of the Energy Field and the Freedom Step of IET Steps to Transformation, and whatever the Healing Angels bring through for you. You do not have to have completed those classes to benefit from this class. We will reference the Healing Codes known to deeply reverse the effects of stress which is the root of illness

3 classes, $122 with prepay of series
Or $40 per class
Audio meditation bonus gift
Handouts provided

Deepen your practice add on classes available at returning student discount

This modality does not replace traditional medicine, holistic medicine or proper guidance from your physician, psychiatrist or therapist.  It is designed to assist you during medical or therapeutic treatments as it reduces stress