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patricia anderson

patricia anderson

As a Naam Yoga Therapist, Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor and Harmonyum Healing System Practitioner and Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor,  I share Self Healing techniques that I have studied, experienced, taught and perfected for decades. I assist people to reach their health, wealth and relationship goals by healing their sense of self.

Our sense of self is a series of subconscious programs at the basis of loves each moment, each day. When we reach further we receive subconscious energy feedback. How is it going right now? Often the majority of our energy is tied up in subconscious memories leaving only a small amount of energy available to reach goals each day.

One session reviewing your Family Dynamics Life Blueprint and energy practice clears up old cell memory quickly in your relationship with your family roots giving you far more creative energy for your life work, your current or future partnerships of any kind. This creates a strong emotional/mental/spiritual foundation that we missed in our upbringing based in ancient, tried and proven wisdom we use in Shakti Naam Yoga – the Yoga Immortality and Harmonyum Healing System.

You can choose a short discovery session where you receive an immediate shift by understanding your brain vibration that manages your day to day life and how you relate to others and tools you will use daily going forward. Or We dive right into a session regaining a majority of your energy and simple breath tools to maintain your new energy level daily while also giving you new eyes and an emotional bridge with each person in your
life. The call is now! Based on our Universal time this year in 2020, we are all in a pivotal time to get a stronger foundation set in place.
Let’s use this time to create magic joy in your life. I am practiced at neutrality having assisted many couples/families since 2012. I have grown delight and amazement at the significant shifts in these sessions. They are truly my passion and growing practice in my groups. Let’s make this Perfect Storm time our Healing Vector and master this Storm for our good. Become Magnetic Creating the Effortless, fulfilling Square of Life which is Health, Wealth, Love On a Foundation of our Perfect Expression.

The benefits are – Healing our Lineage – Fulfilling our Purpose – Rising from Survival Mode to Thriving – Creating Life vs Reacting

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