Lets use vibration, intention and a chain of Light to heal and melt the past right off of us!

Use this healing music formula to free yourself from the past and enjoy a new, vibrant energy.

Open your heart and let go, receive and bring in your Light!

Lumen de Lumine is Love from Love.
When we vibrate Lumen de Lumine karma stops for Love stops karma.

There is nothing more beautiful than this simple formula for in simplicity we find Divinity.

Lumine de Lumine
Deum de Deo
Lumine de Lumine
Deum Vero de Deo Vero
Lumine de Lumine

Hands on heart
For protection, self healing and Angelic help

See yourself in massive group of Light coming together to lift each other

We have a lot of energy behind us to bring in more of our Light and let go of old, heavy energy we learned from already
Sing it away!!

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