Learn Self Healing and distance techniques to reduce stress, improve health, sleep, immune, release emotional and physical weight and more! Private sessions & group sessions scheduling now with limited space by zoom or skype

Are you ready to melt the past so you can be in the present and be empowered to create a fulfilling future?

Check in with yourself right now and watch! Where are you?

Depression is when you are in the past

Anxiety is when you are focused on the future

The present moment is when we are empowered and effective

Most of us are only present a small percentage of the time which means we have most of our thoughts and energy where we are powerless! Sometimes we feel good and in the solution but are concern is outside ourselves on our partner, children, parents, friends, work…….

No wonder we often have stress and disharmony!

I am so inspired to teach a Self Healing technique I discovered in 2009. I was suffering from many stress related issues due to PTSD and so were my children and relationship.

I used this Self Healing technique for myself, my relationship and my children beginning in 2009 and I have taught it to Therapists who taught it to their clients with great success. I still use it today in my classes, my appointments with children and families and any personal needs to clear obstacles in my perception and creativity. This technique is well studied and is simple! It feels fantastic, it takes little effort and is very easy to learn and continue to enjoy. You learn to access our natural self healing abilities that has been known and used for thousands of years in many cultures through accupressure points, your hands, fingers and calming breath.

I especially love that this technique can be used at a distance and I did, very often especially when my children or husband needed space but struggled with anxiety which caused me to feel anxiety and reactivity! The solution was immediate, lasting and our health and relationships improved, our sleep and time together and apart improved!

There has been so much study done on the effect of stress emotionally, physically, mentally and other imbalances. We all have an awareness that stress is the cause of our shallow breathing, tension, sore backs, stomach discomfort our relationship and financial success.

Let’s bust through your roadblocks and help you relax, improve your sleep, lift the weight from your mind, body and energy!

You will learn:

Self Healing technique while using it and feeling it

How to maintain the benefits within 6 minutes per day

How to use it on others

Safe distance healing

Benefits of sessions or group class:

You will feel fantastic, grounded, relaxed, refreshed

You will feel confident with a whole new outlook and ability to face challenges, melt obstacles and improve your connection with yourself, your self healing capacity and unlock old mental, emotional patterns at the root

Your appearance and magnetism will change! Your children, spouse and coworkers, extended family circle will love you and wonder why you look so different!


You will also learn a daily 10 to 15 minute practice that will improve your cardiovascular health, physical strength, self healing energy, improve your Electro magnetic field so you are protected, magnetic to what you want, repel what you don’t want, improve your wellbeing and that of your family and more! You can add to this as you master the basics just as I have while you strengthen and improve your energy level

Yes…..Honestly…. You can improve your phyical appearance and outlook, your lifestyle, emotional state, health, energy, life and so much more with exercises I’ve used and taught for years…in 15 minutes or less!

Contact me for a complementary discussion and sample and receive techniques you will continue to use in your day to day life from then on. Please reach me at Patricia00300@gmail.com


Join us for this group Self Healing class and receive my distance healing as well! You will receive a supportive video of the technique, exercises, phone and email support and more.

Or enjoy a customized private session.

Where: Class or sessions by zoom or skype in your comfortable space

Why? All sessions are in your space because that is where you need the technique the most!

Private session: $75

Approximately 75 minutes customized to fit you, get a follow-up when you need (within 45 days) it at almost 40%, video, phone and email support

Expanded Private: $111

Includes basic information on life blueprint

Expanded Private plus family blueprint: $150

Group class: $42

Sunday, 8/19 10am Pacific, 8/21 10am or 1pm Pacific

Approximately 75 minutes including videos and group follow-up, email support

Can you tell I am excited??!!!

My life has been revolutionized by learning and sharing self healing! It is my passion and life purpose to teach!

Let’s get the suffering shifted into love and purpose, shall we? I have and I am ready to experience this with you!

Create the life you love as easy as breathing