Keep it simple breathwork

Repeat in your mind and out loud continuously and come back to it when triggered

Let there be light

Do anywhere, anytime your stuff comes up:

Put all fingertips together

Press firmly

4 quick Sniffs

1 x Blow out firmly through mouth


30 seconds

Clears out emotional memory and trauma quickly
Heals the past until it no longer weighs on you

When stressed, worried or uncomfortable

Sitting with straight spine in a chair or anywhere

Inhale deeply, exhale squeeze belly

Press thumb to middle finger above top knuckle

Press firmly

Inhale 5 counts

Hold 5 counts

Exhale 5 counts

Try for 1.5 minutes, 3, 5

Eventually expand breath to 10 counts each

The rythmn of this breath will change brain chemistry and stimulate a relaxation response

When grouchy, irritable or 1st thing in the morning

Close holes of ears with thumbs

Fingers reach to top of head

Deep breath

Mmmmm sound

Repeat 7x

Do as long and intensely as possible even under your breath or very quietly so no one hears works!

Rebalances the brain chemistry
Clearance foggy head that causes irritability
Wakes you up and gives you energy

Heal anything with OM

Place hands at solar plexus ( at base of ribs)

6 inches apart (Middle Pillar hand posture)

Deep breath

Exhale with Ommmmmmmmmmmm sound

3 minutes or until you feel calm, clear, centered

Mmmm sound calms the mind
Heals the body
Cleans out old energy
11 minutes heals you down to DNA level
31 minutes will fix an entire problem
I did 31 minutes for months because it works!
Yogis have used Om for centuries to heal their issues!

Walk it off, Walk into a new perception!

Just walk in rythmn while swinging arms

Sniff 3x

Exhale out nose 1x


Ideal walk is 3 minutes on toes to adjust spine which equals 60 minutes

Or 30 to 45 minutes

Any walk is good walk!

Improves brain chemistry
Releases negativity
Improves sense of well being
Balances hormones
Much more!

Attitude is the Key to recovering from anything and creating a new foundation

There are no mistakes, there is only learning

I love myself no matter what

Loving myself down to my core is the only thing I haven’t tried

I love myself which heals my life

Anytime I hurt I Ask for Light

I choose gratitude because it heals me

If I can be grateful at my worst I can be joyful at my best

Gratitude raises my vibration quickly

There is always something to be grateful for

Gratitude puts everything into perspective

Pick one or choose one that fits you now!