Energy Field, Self-Aspect/Self-Schema healing

We are here to balance the three dimensions within~~Emotional, Mental and Spiritual or Soul Dimensions

We are here to release emotional and material density


The following process is a way to bring balance and harmony within.  This is a process to develop a closer relationship with yourself so you are more successful in all your relationships.  Would you like to  improve your relationship with work so you find your life more fulfilling and abundant?  Would you like to progress to a state of thriving not just surviving?  Are you ready to discover your life purpose AND begin to LIVE it not just KNOW and SEE it? Would you like to BE present in your life, BE present in your children’s lives and feel a sense of ease?  That is the first step in your Mission of Existence.  To heal and begin to Evolve not just survive.

We were born this lifetime with Self-Aspects of our Being.  Some were sharp and wise while some were damaged from prior lifetimes depending on our Soul journey thus far.  These Self-Aspects are part of our Ego with a core connection to our Essence.  Naturally and through various experiences, many positive or negative Self-Schema* are developed.  These Self-Schemas live in density pockets within the layers of your energy system.  By identifying and healing these Self-Aspects and Self-Schemas, we are able to heal and release ourselves from the human lessons we planned to experience in this lifetime.  To keep it very simple, the lessons and suppressed mistaken beliefs we came here to heal and evolve past were revealed by age 7 for females and age 8 for males.  There is a process of unwinding to go in and find these core Self-Aspects and mistaken beliefs, feel all they have to share with us and grow them up to healthy, mature Self-Aspects.  Our goal is to return them to health so they become an advanced tool to use for our fulfilled living.  As we heal our Self-Aspects and begin to take steps forward with a TRUE sense of SELF, we will begin to advance past this 3rd dimensional way of living and find a sense of balance, peace and joy to flood through our system and heal our Vessel.  We will become FREE to BE our TRUE selves and more consciously connected to all help and security we brought down with us for this journey to be a success.  This can be experienced without changing much in our day to day.  We will naturally begin to respond to experiences in a new way and see much of the old challenges begin to melt away…even ones that have been a pattern of difficulty for many years of our adult lives.  You will guided through this process in a light and simple way by your Healing Guide and Higher Self through meditation.  There is no reliving or reexperiencing.  You will be placed in an observation mode.

If you choose to utilize this healing process, you will do consistent writing and have your awareness heightened to the day to day experiences that SHOW you what you need to SEE to heal yourself.  You will be introduced to tools that are simple to use and a process that can be added to daily living NOW with relative ease.  You will be AWARE while you also FEEL and experience the density that comes up.  You will be taught how to do that in a more balanced form so it becomes a process, then eventually an experience and in an eventual a game that becomes fascinating.  You SEE it is your ticket to freedom versus something you shelve, resist or set aside in the ever growing closet of confusion that accumulation of density creates within us….pockets of pain within your layers.

You will be provided with and taught meditation processes that will consistently clean your energy and layers as you process your findings.  This will make the process lighter and a higher vibration will be reached after every shift up and out of mistaken sense of self.  You will begin to feel lighter as you face whatever comes up floating above drama and challenges with growing security.  Your Higher Sense Perception will begin to blossom so your connection to Intuitive Guidance and direction will be more clear.  Even seasoned healers facing roadblocks will SEE a huge shift with this process that will address pockets within the chakra that have been unreachable.

Does this sound like hype or too good to be true?  This is a process I discovered in a variety of pieces to heal myself and my family through many different forms beginning in 2005.  I have been using it to assist others in sessions and by volunteer for years and have brought this together into one main, simple tool to save you time, money and suffering.  It works!  I find this process as natural as breathing to teach and activate energetically within your system.

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Blessings of Brilliant White Light and Love to you!

It is OUR time to SHINE!