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Transformation is my Passion!

I had hit rock bottom in self reliance, deep suffering and medicating through drugs and alcohol. That was the beginning of the next chapter of my life – transforming after tragedy and a second chance. I am here to share the transformation from my experience with you.

I teach the mirror system that takes current day conflict or emotions and turns them into your karmic healing gift – You will begin to use this as a comfort and constant tool. Want to be free?? I did too! When you are ready to zoom forward, this works every time! I incorporate Integrated Energy Therapy® to “get the issues out of your tissues” for gentle healing with deep release at a cellular level without re-experiencing trauma.

I also use your Self-Aspects and Self-Schema to identify karmic blocks in a much faster and lighter process. We can see what the loops are and break out of them into living issue free. Working from a higher, inter-dimensional healing plane, I incorporate these tools to upgrade every aspect of your reality—home, family, pets—all factors to create a nurturing, healthy, balanced and fully conscious life.

My primary gift is Energy Reading and my Original Assignment is Energy Cleansing of people and Earth.  If you suspect you have energy imbalances, or have yet to develop a life of enjoyment and fulfillment, please read about Integrated Energy Therapy ® by clicking on and
Energy Cleansing at
I combine these two modalities and other healing gifts into one light, relaxing and revitalizing session!

If you are pulled and ready to move forward out of struggle and roadblocks in work, health, relationships or mission, email or call me for consultation.

No one will be turned away from receiving help. Please contact me and we can discuss getting you started.