Energy Surgery

wpid-0657390eeaa6405477dc407a03247f41.jpgBy using Integrated Energy Therapy and multidimensional skills, I am guided to density in the 7 layers – physical, emotional, mental and the 4 plus spiritual layers.

Here is a simple explanation:

I put you in a protective capsule and a safe environment connect to the Angelic Realm and Beings of Light.  This platform keeps your space free of density and protected.  I look into your energy field and see what your Higher Self and Healing Guide reveal as the density that is ready to heal.

My hands work as magnets to feel and pull out the density.  Your Higher Self and the Beings of Light who assist US guide me to the areas that are blocked.

My channel brings in the current life, past life information that reveals suppressed emotions mistaken beliefs~~Definitions that run like automatic processes in your consciousness and patterns.  There is no RELIVING and details, just KEY information that we expose and reveal.  We heal the aspects of you that are stuck and we open the Higher Sense Perception in your system that are connected to the damage in corresponding chakra.  We also heal and strengthen your system in all layers.

My channel also begins to OPEN your Higher Sense Perception so YOU can be activated to begin this self-healing as well and receive simple tools to use when you need them.

There are many, many things that can happen in a healing session utilizing my gifts and the healing space we create together.   You will be activated and receive downloaded gifts that can make your living and processing of experiences far lighter than ever before.  There is no way to fully describe this process as it is customized by your Higher Self and what your ego is ready for at the time.  I will say, the result is LIGHT and you will feel far better when we are done because the density you carried will be removed and the root that was tripping you up will have been dissolved down significantly if not removed completely IF it is time for you to allow the lesson to be completed.

If you are feeling lighter and intrigued by reading this, that is a good sign this is a healing match for you.  This is not right for everyone but it is customized for most.  If you need a bit of discussion to see how this may work for, lets set up a 20 minute consultation.

Please contact me with questions at

Blessings and wishes for great healing to YOU!

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