Do you need a good Chakra Cleanse? ~~ Is Energy Cleansing and Healing for You?

 tree of wisdom

Are you ready to be empowered and be your own Self Healer?
Are you ready to improve your well-Being and connection to yourSelf which in turns improves your connection to everyone and everything?

Energy Cleansing and Healing Coaching is for anyone that is open to releasing density and improving well being.  It is a way to feel lighter, more healthy, productive and vibrant in a simple way.  This process takes minutes per day including times when you are waking up or falling asleep.  You can do this in a quick break during the day to improve your day or stop a spiral of strife within 10 minutes.

Energy cleansing and healing is a meditative process that once learned can be done without audio or props and is a growing process that you can customize for you.


*Relationships:  Improve your relationship with yourSELF which improves your relationship with your world – all aspects in a simple process!  Improve your energy and share with your spouse and children within minutes and without a separate step.  Once you are cleansed, you can cleanse them with ease.  This includes soul mate and twin flame or twin soul relationships and health of energy connection

*Improve your restorative Sleep, Health and well-being and eliminate stress or symptoms of stress

*Reverse or assist the complications of illness – not to replace medical treatments but in conjunction with treatments or medications

*Improve your response to life challenges and begin to break out of patterns no matter how deep or how long you have had them

*Balance your energy to feel more peace, security, love, groundedness yet connected to Limitless possibilities of Source

*Open your Higher Sense Perception so you can access answers for yourself and enjoy growing SECURITY and PEACE!

There are endless benefits that keep improving your life day by day!

You may begin where you are in simple steps all customizable to your needs and goals

You will receive audio meditations and suggestions to fit your current energy state and emotions

You will receive coaching that fits your style of receiving and processing change best – email correspondence, quick or detailed answers and suggestions, assignments matching your pace, support to be your own healer.

Remote assistance and energy cleansing to clear energy challenges – I use YOUR Healing Guide and Higher Self.  I do not invade your space or use my EGO to change your energy.  I only do remote work when you have contracted me to do so.  Please see more about this at

Energy cleansing and healing phone or phone skype session – scheduled upon request, monthly or as needed

Yoga for chakra balancing and energy flow10 minutes for anyone and can be modified, done anywhere at anytime and providing tremendous stable, grounded energy and rejuvenation for the body.  Includes video and handout for modifications

      Improves sleep, detoxifying the body, weight loss, youthfulness, grounding, strengthening the body, mind and spirit!

Vibrational music suggestions to assist you wherever you are – work, home, sleep, meditation, when you feel ill or assist someone in a caregiver process

Aura strenthening suggestions for sensitive energy and those that find energy instability 

Suggestions of supplements for raising energy and strength of the body (not designed to replace holistic or traditional medicine, however recommended by top holistic doctors who use for their own well being and energetic/physical vitality and  strength)

You can begin with simple steps to put into process today!  Receive coaching over time and add on as you are ready determined by how your energy responds.  I am just an email, message or text message away.  Customize this to get your relief and improve your way of living ASAP.

Start with a consultation by phone, skype phone or email to develop a cleansing and coaching process for you! Receive a cleansing experience in your consultation or free audio to sample what you will receive.

Please email me at  to request a consultation


Have you been meditating and improving our Higher Sense Perception and Self connection for some time?  You may also see for more information

Do not get overwhelmed!  All can start for you with a simple consultation, an email with your first audio and instructions!

If you would like more information about Energy Cleansing and Healing process, please email me and receive a reading on your Energy and more information!


We are here to THRIVE not just SURVIVE

We are here to EVOLVE!

I look forward to helping you realize your Heaven on Earth experience!

Lovingly in Service,

Patricia Ametherea
Divine Conduit, Facilitator and Educator

Christ Buddha ONELOVE


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