Loving Angels Among Us

This is a picture of my two daughters surrounded by the loving Beings of Light

They inspired me to climb the Mountain to my True Self even when facing heavy density of Ego.

I look into their eyes and see a Soul full of love, see my Soul reflected back to me.

I was inspired to find my presence….the ability to be present in life, their lives.

Awaken with Confidence
Heal with Power
Inspire with Love
Carly Anderson

as though no one is watching you,
as though you have never been hurt before,
as though no one can hear you,
as though heaven is on earth.
Souza inspired by Haley Anderson

I am inspired by the love of others when I was unable to love myself.
I am inspired by the love I SEE to share love, assist your search for your Essence, and to help you awaken your own healing abilities so you can in turn share love.
I can’t imagine a more beautiful circle….and this inspiration will undoubtedly be changed again and again as I continually find more love and magnificent Beings that inspire me to BE more of ME.

Patricia Ametherea

Patricia is my Ego name

Ametherea is my Being name

Patricia Ametherea is the Balance of my Soul and Ego on this plane