IET Steps for Transformation Class no 7, Freedom from Codapendency In person, Tempe, AZ OR Teleconference

Integrated Energy Therapy® Steps For Transformation Step 7 ~~ Freedom from Codapendency

Saturday, May 7, at 10am to 12pm pacific


$24 via paypal
Free to repeat for my prior students of this Step

This is Step 5 ~~Your Essential Action
Perfect timing with the New Moon to create a fresh new way of relating to yourself and creating freedom by changing the way you use your energy right before Mothers day!
Release Guilt, Distrust, Shame, Heartbreak, Stress, Fear and more!!!!

This is a Key Step to begin developing a relationship with yourself based on your Freedom and will make all your relationships more loving and supportive so you can love more and do things out of love dropping old patterns of obligation or stress.

☆You will also receive a nice refreshing cleanse as all IET classes include Healing and deep cellular memory imprint release
AND learn a Reactivation mudra so you may use this tool whenever you need it!!

☆We will also create Heartbeams for your home, work, children’s schools, loved ones homes and in the spaces needed to help the Earth, people……all Beings

Repeating students: Please have your Steps to Transformation manual if you have one If you do not its ok!

☆☆What you will need:
Notebook or journal
Comfort items, water, blanket
This will be done sitting but you may want to lay down directly afterwards

The call can be muted but you will want a quiet meditation space

May we all be Free and Joy filled having relationships that are full of unconditional love!!!

Patricia Ametherea
Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor and Practitioner
Harmonyum Practitioner
Shakti NAAM Instructor

No prior IET class is required

Can’t wait!!!!