Healing Sound of Ra Ma Da Sa (Adagio)



Mantra to speak or sing:

Ra Ma Da Sa 

Sa Say So Hung

I work with many infants each week and have for years.  I have noticed that when I sing and play this mantra, they have a profound response.  The more they hear it and the more I sing it with them, the more I have a profound experience as well.

Here’s a recent story…..

I have been working with 2 twin infants.  They have recently begun eating solid foods.  They were born C-section so they have had a digestion struggle and issues with acid re-flux and all that comes along with that.   On this recent day, I paid more attention. As I began preparing the food the boy was agitated as many infants are because they are used to being nursed or receive a bottle and the wait time is short.  I began to sing the mantra and noticed he just stared at me as the babies always do when I sing it.  They watch my mouth and seem calm and a bit mesmerized.  This begins a calmer way for me to prepare the food and this also prepares the little ones body for good digestion as well.  I continued to sing as I fed him one spoon full as a time.  I noticed this so clearly because the last time I fed them both, I was not singing as much and today I planned to make a more clear effort to allow Ra Ma Da  Sa do the work instead of my energy!  Feeding 2 twin babies at the same time is a journey for sure!  It was an amazing experience and before long, the little one was eating quite well and calmly.  He wasn’t stuffing his bib in his mouth to satisfy the sucking reflex or in such fussy movement trying to grab the spoon, bowl or my hand….amazing difference that meant he also ate well, took his bottle well, played quite happily, no stomach upset and he slept quite well later…  What a nice difference.  I felt so relaxed and happy too!


Since I began working with the twins, I used this mantra and sang it with confidence because for years now I have noticed that when my energy goes into a nice, calm, rhythmic vibration when I sing this mantra, babies and children relax, calm, eat better, sleep better and I stay in a joyful, energized but calm state.  In the beginning, with these twins I was singing for the entire time because their digestion was so off track.  There was a lot of fussiness from stomach upset as well as lack of sleep and discomfort.  This long use of mantra made me feel amazing, but I also began to hear from the parents….”every time you are here they sleep!  They tend to sleep better after your time with them.”  I noticed that each visit, usually only once a week was easier and easier because once the children know that mantra, their system falls back into a calm, relaxed, healing state faster and I notice I also felt that same security and harmony quickly.

In some homes, I have used this track and have sang this mantra with young children for years and they sing it to themselves when they are upset or falling asleep and settling themselves.  They use their intuition and natural ways of adjusting their energy and self soothing more and with more amazing applications.  I learn every-time I work with children.  We are natural self healers from birth, especially when it is fostered.

What if…..

If you are a parent, imagine nursing your baby while you use the track and fall into a nice, relaxed sleep with your baby.  Or imagine how you would feel as you rocked your baby and you both were so relaxed as you sang and the baby enjoyed your calm, balanced energy and their own then you both went to sleep or took a nap, or you got a few things done while so energized?  Imagine this as a dad or a mom, care giver or grandparent who only has the kids on occasion.  This mantra practice makes time with children enjoyable and takes the stress right out of it!  It is a healing mantra so it can be used when anyone is sick as well.  There are countless uses for the young or old.  It helps my clients with ADHD, ADD, Depression, anxiety……..

What if you could make such a difference for yourself, your home life, your family, your work place, your surroundings with this mantra managing your energy even on  low and silent and you began to have such a positive affect on your surroundings — those you know and love and those you don’t know?  That is my life, but it is exciting to share tools and imagine the blessing being shared continuously one person and group at a time.

This sound track is medically studied and it works for any reason.  Enjoy this and enjoy singing to your children.  It will be great for you and for them and will create balance in your physical body, mind and emotions.  It will also be very bonding and something you could begin to use as a foundational, bonding tool as I do.  Just try it and watch.  It may take some time to find your right application but have fun, play with it and feel what it does for you all.  It definitely works with all age children, teens…..

Also, you don’t have to have children to use this and enjoy it!  As a Naam Yoga Therapist, I use this mantra in yoga classes, in home working with individuals, at schools, in Harmonyum Healing System treatments…anywhere!

Enjoy the healing qualities of your own voice and your tongue touching your upper palate (we have acupressure points on the top of our palate that shift your energy with every word you say or sing) This is a fast self healing tool and you can just say this, not sing it too!   You can also say it under your breath as some of the children have told me they do when preparing for something that makes them anxious at school.   Don’t be shy!

You can purchase this and other mantras at the following link:  https://rootlight.myshopify.com/collections/music/products/the-healing-beat-of-naam-cd-instant-download

This powerful mantra is being medically studied for years now and here is some more information:

This particular version of Ra Ma Da Sa has been proven through medical research to reduce pain. A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology found that Ra Ma Da Sa (Adagio), in combination with other mantras in the practice, resulted in a 14% reduction in pain medication during chemotherapy treatment in a children’s cancer hospital. You can read more about this groundbreaking research here.

Bless us all and the children who are our future!