Heal your Relationship with yourself, heal your life to a Healthy, slim body mind, emotions and Spirit!


Map of consciousness by David Hawkins
Power VS Force

Give yourself and all your relationships a tremendous gift of Love and Healing in this Year of Mars!

☆These sessions will include keys to creating the love you desire and a beautiful foundation of relating or attracting to your Beloved by healing your auric field, understanding your energy dynamics and vibration between you and your mate or future mate, children, clearing energy entanglements …..☆

For creating your successful Love relationships, careers, families, healthy, slim body, face and Spirit lift, Life Purpose fulfillment, learn to Self Heal and feel transformative Lift within 1 session.

☆☆☆We are clearing out our Emotional Heritage without reliving or refeeling
The cells know what is needed
I walk you through so you find the structure in your energy to release and it is cleansed away
The freedom is quick and easy to integrate with specific parameters

The sessions are approximately 40 minutes
I am holding my discounted rate to help as many as I can within the first 32 days of the year
Contact me ASAP by email patriciaametherea@gmail.com or on facebook

Sessions are by phone or Skype
PayPal is $46 US, 3 sessions for $138 get 4th for free – under $34 per session,  sessions do not expire.  No refunds but may be exchanged for other services

☆Remove all blocks to loving yourself through experiencing Unconditional Healing LOVE from Above filling the hole in your Heart with your Higher Self☆

Look at the map and see where your frequency most often is based on your consistent thoughts and emotions
Be in your Honest Essence of Self Assessment without fear with an Intention to Love yourself entirely and heal anything that holds you down or back in experiences you wish to complete here and now.

Offering discounts to assist as many as I can♡♡♡
With the utmost respect and intention to serve with love

♡We are now Flowing in the Dimension of Love♡

It is worth all efforts to raise your vibration and release old emotions that keep driving your thoughts down
Every thought and the heavy basic emotions that you carry is creating your life
If you doubt this, simply look back and see where you’ve been and what you have experienced.   Have you felt held back or unhappy in some way?  Have you felt done with a lesson only to find you asking yourself “why is this happening again?”  Often it becomes more clear if you tap into your heart and ask it to show you what has made you happy, what has made you sad or disappointed and just write what comes to the surface without analysis or thought.  Turn this process over to your heart instead of your mind. You may be surprised as to what comes up if you don’t normally do this.

82 percent of the Healing is done when you have the awareness that thoughts, especially ones that carry heavy emotions create your life
☆☆Feel, feel, feel any feelings that come up as you write or ponder this and then cleanse it out of your energy☆☆

Replace what you release with what you want to create and take actions on your Hearts Desires in small natural ways!

Here are two Keys to freedom when it comes to raising your vibration from my experience and awareness as an Oracle:

We live in an age when the only restriction is carried in the memory of the cells
Just recognise this and cleanse your cellular memory banks and refill with Divine Love
Do not let your Mind rule you and override your Intuition and Emotions
Be the balance between the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions within you and you will rise in vibration so high everything will be Ease and Joy!

This is a simple process but not easy and takes a clear practice of feeling and staying out of blame and victim mode or the belief that someone outside of us should nurture us or some “thing” can make us happy.  Happiness must exist inside and we are here in this age to nurture ourselves and be filled with unconditional love from above.

☆☆☆Not all Chakra cleansing is alike!  A chakra cleansing practice that gets us out of the mental dimension is very effective and will assist one to clear the heavy basic emotions and ego stories that keep us coming back to old patterns and experiences again and again.  This combined with cellular memory release that clears our Imprints – how we perceive experiences and how we are perceived, is light, effective and much faster!  If you feel cleansing does not come natural to you or is a topic that is not well explored and working, please contact me.  It is my specialty and why you may have found this  post♡♡♡

Not knew to this  awakening journey?  Those of us that have been on the awakening journey for some time are called to come together to tackle the heavier cell memory process together so we can all experience this next age of Love with ease and grace and open in a deeper way to our life purpose and unique gifts.

If you care to discuss this post or have a sample of energy cleansing and cellular memory release that I speak of, feel free to email me at patriciaametherea@gmail.com or message me on facebook.  I look forward to connecting with you!

Lovingly and with respect,

Patricia Ametherea
Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor / Practitioner
Oracle~~ Divine Conduit~~ Facilitator
Shakti NAAM Yoga Instructor