Heal how you Relate to yourself and heal your life

There are key elements that can change your life just by awareness, upgraded information about your Life Blueprint, and Self Healing techniques that can release old, heavy energy within a few moments. You will then have space to fill up with fresh, Light, loving energy that rejuvinates you as you were when you were young.

In this session/class we will have an experience constructing an effective, upgraded Attitude and Agreements

How you have been relating to yourself

New ways of relating to yourself

Choose new beliefs that will drive your energy to keep you vibrant each day

Use cutting edge Self heal techniques including sound vibration


Movement and more

You will also experience Universal agreements and support so you can create a new relationship with your Life so you have far more fun, creative expression and laughter all while Being successful in anything you do

This process will create a relationship with your whole life and those in it you have always wanted

Benefits :

More energy


Clear thoughts and actions

Alleviates stress, depression, helplessness

Balanced energy–solutions for ADD, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, any imbalances, Addictions

Heal Relationship issues

Happy work

Happy home

Happy life

This does not replace proper medical or psychiatric, therapy from professionals but will be a support and make all symptomatic treatments more effective as a home supportive tool

How: This process is done through self exploration through Guided meditation and writing


🌟1 Private session 1 to 1.5 hr

scheduled best for you to focus on your goals and life blueprint by zoom

🌟2 Group Sessions Tue, Wed or Thurs at 9am – 10:15 pacific

To deepen awareness of agreements, tools and life blueprint

🌟Videos to continue practice and make life blueprint information a growing part of your daily life and success in relationships in all areas of life💕☀️

Private sessions available by appointment and include Basic, expanded Life Blueprint and family dynamics, marriage and relationship information and video and supportive tools for successful use of information and energy improvements

For your success: This is experiential

Quiet space is recommended

Recording available for a convenient time

No experience is necessary and this process will be effective no matter how long or how little you have been exploring Self Healing

Integration is easy. You will be given video and supportive tools to maintain the improvements

If you would like more information, please send your questions and interests to patricia00300@gmail.com