We all have unique and important gifts to share with others as we grow and heal. Here is a rough explanation of mine as they are revealed.


12 strand DNA alignment – Alignment with the Divine and Master attunement and certification to attune others (see

12 Chakra 5 Dimension system

Masculine Feminine Balance

Christed Heart — Energy healing from the highest, most powerful source of energy over Earth – White Light, Christ – Buddha energy

Ametherea, the Oracle – purpose: clarity of path and patterns identifying energetic Definitions driving patterns and lower consciousness preventing Soul Energy to flow into and through the 4 layer system
Specific focus on clearing Relationship and Monetary patterns of suffering

 I am called The Feeler – Divine Conduit of Density for Earth and People, Healing Facilitator, Energy Intuitive

Energy Expert and Educator to cleanse and fine tune energy while also clearing the cellular memories and energy imprints of the past(for more information see

We are here to evolve out of emotional and survival density.

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