From Highly Sensitive to Impermeable! !

It has finally happened!  I am a Extremely Sensitive Being Impermeable to others energy

I set the intention last year in June to be impermeable and kept working on cellular memory imprint release of all areas in my body I found that absorb negative energy.   They were the areas I held a lot of density in my cells so when I was around people that had similar density, I absorbed there.  I would get fatigued and a heaviness in that part of the body and at times a lot of pain there.  It would affect my mind and caused me to get very anxious around people or certain settings or to work because it was so hard to get the heavy energy out.  It was so much work to get through simple things that involved people mostly due to how anxious heavy energy felt to me.  I developed a serious regiment so I could function well and expand my life.   It had gotten very small because I was ruled by my sensitivity and definitely affected my life with my daughters.   I knew this trial had a huge purpose in my life.  I knew it was my challenge so I could serve at a deeper level.  It pushed me to get my higher certifications in Integrated Energy Therapy which directly clears the 9 cellular memory imprints areas we all have in our body.  It heals the Human Energy Field in a delightfully Joyful and Light way that integrates easily and unlike other energy clearing modalities,  does not leave hey energy in the space around you.  Who wouldn’t like a nice Light energy massage you can give yourself regularly?  My challenge had benefits.   I became very loving and aware of myself.   I showered myself in self care so I could have a life I wanted to live!! 
In November of last year I got my Master Instructor and Practitioner certification and dedicated myself to daily sessions while including all of my students and family in these sessions.   It was an amazing time of deep discovery for myself and amazing to watch the growth and changes in people’s lives in uncluded.  Just after Christmas last year, I went to my first Shakti NAAM Yoga class.  I found, due to supportive sound current running through class, I was able to participate and clear my energy and feel amazing.  I had not been able to go to Yoga or any exercise classes in group settings because anywhere people released,  I absorbed.  Fortunately I lived in sunny Arizona so I could exercise outside daily and be in a swimming pool most of the summer.