Do you know your Essential Action that is your purpose for Being?

Why do I exist and what is my Essence?

This is quite a deep topic that is important for each one of us to explore and resolve Within

The Healing Angels of the Human Energy Field want to guide us to this answer one step at a time!  Their key work is to Guide you to your fulfillment…your happiness and living a JOYfilled life that is stress free, creative and fun. We are transitioning into a  New Age and it is essential for each one of us to experience as much joy as possible each day and get onto our Life Purpose to assist in the Divine Plan.  This is enjoyable, fulfilling and a benefit to All.  This is an example of how Step 5 can assist you and how the Healing Angels of the Energy Field can Guide you:


Pictures taken at the Head Waters in Mount Shasta, California at City of Mount Shasta Park

Healing Angels of the Energy Field guided me to the awareness of my Essential Action in the Step 5 class of Integrated Energy Therapy’s Steps for Transformation

I heard their message in beautiful vibrational tones that came in my Twilight sleep

I heard and felt the message through my Divine Partner as he saw music notes in these pictures and I got the deeper message

More clarity comes in daily as I take steps in my Essential Action, seek balance and reactivate each healing state  within minutes daily.  This is part of the training from the Angels in the Steps series.

If you’d like to experience a special process of Self Healing and Empowerment and feel Joy and playfulness as you clear the cellular memories that keep you stuck or hold you back from your Life purpose and fulfillment please contact me at You can receive a 5 minute Empowerment and feel the work of the Angels and my energy intuitive abilities if you want a free sample.

I look forward to sharing this fun, powerful yet easy to integrate healing with so many more beautiful Souls!

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