39th anniversary of my father’s passing – May 22nd, 1973
John Robin Gallagher

My father set the foundation in my life to have Perseverance
And to bring about Self Healing

I learned work must be play to thrive
Death is a part of life and not the end

Miyoko Ishimori Gallagher
From my mother, I learned about dreaming
Reaching without limits
And the importance of self care
Healing through music, dance, art and gardening

A Healing Center is being established in honor of my parents.
Especially in honor of Miyoko for she pushed me past every limit to being True Self and helped me develop strength and endurance to walk alone.

Who I am is so much of what I have learned from both of them.

To my brothers, Johnny, Michael, Timothy and Patrick: Thank you for the fun and insulation when I was small so I could have time to be a child as a marker to my true Essence. Patrick is our family Guardian. Thank you for your protection and lessons about death as a part of life.

To Haley and Carly: My spiritual growth was rocketed when I discovered you were my spiritual teachers not my “daughters”. I learned about soul family and healing from you.
Thank you Carly for your relentless suggestions to meditate, breathe and look at myself. Near full Master…hopefully your need for patience is almost done!
Haley, your mirror was the toughest of all and what the family was most healed by. Watching you transform from Indigo to Crystal, from broken to flying has been magical and inspiring.
To Levi….thank goodness you came along when you did and brought past life visions with you! You are an amazing healer.
Immense love and admiration to the Beings you all are.

To Evan: You taught by mirroring what I did not love about myself and how I used others to cover up and distract from my Essence
I learned to love myself unconditionally through our rollercoaster ride of healing and challenges
I also learned there was never anything to forgive as it was all in the plan even when there was suffering
I truly wish you Sacred Love and fulfillment of your Light in your journey onward

To the Men and Women of 12 step programs especially in Phoenix Area:
Deep gratitude for mirroring all I needed to learn about my causes, conditions and unhealed aspects. I especially love each and every sponsee for calling just when I needed the mirror most!
I am eternally grateful to the soul sisters that came my way right when I needed them.
From all of you, I learned conscious contact can not actually be reached without meditation and without feeling the causes and conditions at least enough to unsuppress emotions.
The 4th dimension is REAL but often is mistaken for an upgraded version of the 3rd dimension once a comfortable amount of promises have come true.
The new box for myself in AA is still a box.

Disclaimer: This is my experience and not representation of any 12 step fellowship. This is NOT meant to replace your doctor, therapist or sponsor relationship. I used many forms of traditional and professional healing services to unwind my ego.