Couples and family enrichment Shakti Naam Yoga and Life Blueprint class!

Excited to see more of this class! It is so fulfilling!

Couples and family enrichment Shakti Naam Yoga and Life Blueprint class!
This class can be done at your next
Family class or
Couples Blueprint session or
Private class ….yes….you can do this to enrich your family even if they are not yet up for this “weird stuff” yet!

This class is super fun but it is also quite healing without the stress, strain or difficulty of couples or families therapy counseling….it is excellent alongside those therapies as it clears the energy fast and brings in so much Light you will get those ….
“oh, I remember why we got married, started dating you”, or I see my child as they are again because the negativity releases and the *soul* created within couples and parent/child is healed
Or it nourishes and takes what is good to a deeper fulfillment level so you are a family of loving, collaborative partners you’ve never even conceived of.

Let’s begin to schedule :

Groups of couples

Or privates–
Good for Singles creating inner partners to attract the right partner and dissolve the energy of the old with love, wisdom and gratitude *
–Or those doing class on behalf of their partner’s/children

Ask any questions by and let’s do this
For the BEST holidays and New Year yet!
With the payoff beginning as an experience in the class and each day thereafter!