Clean your Energy like you clean your House!

If you feel heavy and unhappy, clean your energy out just like you clean your house of clutter you no longer need
I do it everyday

Happiness is as easy as focusing your
Thoughts on happiness

What are you grateful for?
Lazer beam focus on gratitude does not diminish that challenge and it is not a false sense of comfort

It puts your situation into Perspective

We can never be faced with a problem without also having the solution and much to be grateful for
Test it out?
Is this true?

Prove it to yourself by Self reflecting on your experiences

When did you face a challenge only to see later it had a silver lining and gift?


Look deeper to find it
Honestly….try it. It works every time

Why go through this possibly painful effort?

For freedom!

This practice works because we are using Today’s higher consciousness, reflecting on a past level of unconsciousness habits or beliefs and upgrading it which brings in Light. It integrates us and releases old lessons.

This is a practice that gets us to the cause which resolves today’s effects

We have often gone so deep into thoughts ON our problems we have created a mountain to overcome
I am absolutely speaking from experience
Overcoming my mountain of self created suffering is my GREATEST Joy because I faced my own Goliath and after so long and such effort, I won
It was not easy but in the overall I found and ☆implemented a recipe☆ I derived from all different pieces of wisdom I gathered along the way as I spent years and years struggling to become happy and to overcome PTSD

More truth?
It happened far faster when I chose to raise my breath quotient by specific breathwork,
I chose to move my body in specific ways DAILY, specifically Naam5 since June of 2017
And I chose to only
Think Positive thoughts
And observe what drew my thoughts down and eradicate that area from my life with
Honestly feeling until the issue was felt
Then cleaning it out like a loved but happily completed project or relationship
I made the process a game to win vs a problem to suffer through

There are many, many ways to happiness because each of us are ONE but also a series of our own wired in false and truth beliefs like software programs that just need to be upgraded and made efficiently powerful for what we want

Setting up a winning day:

I ask myself daily
What do I want to
Think about
What would I love to be feeling
What would I love to speak with people and those I enjoy about
And especially how would I like to speak to myself inside? (Am I still speaking kinder to people than I am to myself? How am I speaking to myself when I discover I created another issue to fix???)
What would I like to experience in actions?
What can I act on right now that would be in the solution towards my biggest and highest good?
What ATTITUDE am I going to experience now based on the awareness that my past ones created this?

My Attitude are my set of beliefs that creates my Perception of everything I experience

What Attitude do I want now based on what I’ve learned to test out and build my future with which begins in this NOW moment?

How can I BE Me?

Can I begin to…..

Be my true creation and what I desire now?
Be more of it right now instead of caught up in do, do, do?
How can I see myself as a Being that creates vs a Doing machine on a rat like race?
Am I Being what I say I want or am I just doing things?
Am I Being what I want to magnetize into my life?

I say that in different ways as it is quite the human condition that was hard wired in for me and I see it in many as a collective

Why do we spend so much effort on Doing things we do not love?
Instead of BEING who we are and BEING what we want so we magnetize it?
Do I thoroughly understand
The inside creates the outside?

Even more truth:

I think about Love most all of the time

How can I Be so much love I am happy?

How can I be so much love it makes others feel good

How can I melt the past with Love?

Where does the Great Architect want me to be today and how can my thoughts be vibrating so high, the Angel’s can work through me best?

How can my Mental Auric Field be a healing blessing to all those I meet?

I have gone from being the most angry, bitter, negative, destructive, anxious, disconnected, drug and alchohol addicted, codapendent I know to this type of thinker and doer.

Bringing all your fear to Love A true miracle

When you have been free of the chains you built around yourself, you feel like sharing all of the time


It is so so great!

I love Shakti Naam and what I learn through Naam Yoga (

I love just Being connected to that Divine Light I already am, have always been
While I watch your Heart set to Light and watch the Soul you are
Rise in your

Let’s do this
Let’s find our Joy

Think on that!!
I am!!

I LOVE you entirely as you are in your creation

And in your true Light!

Fyi….I have created many videos of the specific moves and breathwork I mentioned above so we can all begin to feel better RIGHT Now together and to do so daily

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