Change your brainwaves~~ excellent Mantra for Stress!

I have had the blessing to hear Dr. Michael Joseph Levry talk about the power of this mantra and studies being done on mantra and brainwaves. I was at a live Naam class with this beloved teacher one evening in Arizona in December, 2017. One day shortly after that talk, I was having a particularly hard time shifting my attitude and my head felt foggy, irritable and I was under some stress to get back to my normal, happy state. I suddenly remembered this mantra explanation and immediately knew it was what I needed! I popped it on, got into *Silver Triangle Mudra. I did the 15 minutes of the track and literally felt like a miracle had happened within me. I felt light, I began seeing everything more clearly and I was full of bubbly, laughing playful energy so that my significant other had to ask what I did in my practice to cause the shift!

Try this especially if you have stress of any type in your life. I use it a lot when I do my in-home Naam Yoga Therapies with children and notice their attitude about dinner, tidying up, cooperation or moodiness shifts right away and laughter and easy going mood returns for all of us. I also used it on a long car ride heading to and returning from vacation or to get back to happy being out of my normal routines in my recent vacation. You can do any mantra relatively quietly so don’t be shy, but also be inventive! It is worth doing anything new so you can feel comfortable and be in the frame of mind to enjoy yourself and those you care about, your work or anything you have on your plate for the day.

A nice hand posture which directs energy I mentioned above is *Silver Triangle Mudra which creates healing energy in the body and system for any purpose. It is very good for the kidneys and re-balancing the kidney meridian in the body which is responsible for healthy eye sight and fear.

Silver Triangle Mudra: Press the Thumb of each hand to the pad of your ring and pinkie finger. Index and Middle fingers are fairly straight.

Place in your lap

Sit tall in chair or anywhere you can have a tall, relatively straight spine

Mantra: Simple!

Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam (7xs)

Wahe Guru

Take a deep breath and make the sound small and nasally to make it through the whole verse in one breath. It takes time so be patient and sneak in breaths as needed. It is all ok! You will get a fantastic cardio experience and strengthen your lung capacity which is explained further in the mantra write-up about the mantra below.

For an ideal experience do this mantra and mudra for a minimum of 3 minutes

Work your way up or continue for 5, 7 or 11 minutes until you reach the way you would like to feel! Repeat as needed! Begin your day with this mantra and have your own experience! How does your day start and feel? Repeat this mantra after 4pm and dinner time and see how it can revitalize you and get you ready for a nice evening.

Make any experiences with yoga, breath and mantra Joyful! Living joyfully and trying out new things with a playful attitude makes all the difference. But no matter your approach, you will FEEL a difference with this one!


Revitalizing Sat Nam WaHe Guru (7x)
SAT NAM WAHE GURU helps you find the grace within and inspires you to see beyond your limited concepts so that you may live the blessed life your inner self has destined for you. Vibrating SAT NAM causes the Spirit of God, our inner self, to come down from Heaven in order to awaken our Shakti force, the Shekinah in us. (The Sss sound of Sat Naam is the vibration of the inner fire, the electric force called Shakti.) By working with this track, the mantra SAT NAM can be caused to continuously throb and pulsate in the subconscious, so that in every twenty-four hour period the breath and the heart can repeat this mantra 21,600 times. This mantra will penetrate your subconscious mind, so that you may tune into the universal sound current. Apply root lock when you chant the mantra. By Vibrating SAT NAM with our navel, we are working with our willpower. WAHE GURU charges the pituitary and pineal glands, residing in the middle of the brain, with Light. When these two glands interchange their auric light, we become clairvoyant and are able to perceive the marvels of the higher world. This is why WAHE GURU is called a third eye mantra. WAHE GURU causes us to connect with the Divine Love and profound healing energy that flows through the universe, and through each of us. It gives us an awareness of the connection between the Divinity within and the greater infinite Divinity. Vibrate SAT NAM WAHE GURU and you will conquer the visible and invisible worlds.

This highly therapeutic and revitalizing track is a great defense against all types of allergies and is an excellent practice during the changes in the seasons. When one vibrates SAT NAM WAHE GURU seven times per breath they will hardly ever get sick. It boosts the immune system and strengthens the nervous system. It is a highly beneficial food for the brain and a great help to students or anyone that needs their mind to function quickly and efficiently under stress. Working with this recording of the mantra will place a spiritual armor around your nerves so that you can resist high stress environments. When you work with SAT NAM WAHE GURU, you will stimulate all the glands to secrete so that the resulting youth-giving elixir can be mixed in your blood. Working with SAT NAM WAHE GURU will cause you to digest prana so that it can be absorbed into every one of your cells.

Vibrate SAT NAM WAHE GURU, and know that Light and consciousness are coursing through you, purifying everything. Vibrate SAT NAM WAHE GURU every morning so as to bring down the blessings from above and invoke the Divinity within. As the light of the Sun rises, so too will this mantra arise and awaken your spiritual energy. Working with SAT NAM WAHE GURU will implant the Lord’s Name within you, bestowing immeasurable blessings and tremendous spiritual growth.


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