Calm, relax, restore quickly with the Sound of HU

If you are finding yourself stressed and need to do something calmly, rest, meditate or sleep, use this sound.

If you choose you can read more below.

Otherwise just try it and see what it does for you.

Take 7 minutes with your legs up the wall, hiked up the side of the couch, or just laid out flat if possible and sink in

Sit and sing along which is POWERFUL quick shift for your nervous system

Its simple

Huuuuuuuu repeat as you need a new breath

You can use any hand posture

For deeper healing use Silver Triangle:

For Anxiety, worry, panic use:

Or just lay down and let go

For a free copy for yourself go to:
The mantra HU is a love song to God. It is one of the oldest and most sacred names of God. Indeed, by vibrating HU you invite the healing and Light of heaven into your life while dispelling negative energy. It will tune your central nervous system and bring you into a neutral state of mind. HU has a very soothing effect on the heart and brain, refining and improving the personality. It is a good remedy for addiction. A daily practice of HU is also beneficial for relieving insomnia, stress and high blood pressure, keeping the body young and emotionally peaceful. It also amplifies the auric field and makes one extremely magnetic, so that the things you need will be drawn to you. By working with this recording of HU on a daily basis your entire life will change.

HU Sacred Sound – Instant Download

I love you all,