August Small Group Shakti Naam Class packs*~~Customizable based on Location

$19/class drop in
$60 flexible class pack ($15/class)-4 classes Includes Student and Family Planetary Basic information (Student, significant other, children….)
$75 flexible class pack ($12.5/class)6 classes
Includes Student and Family Planetary information and Universal week information (Student, significant other, children….)
*Available for all in-home classes and workshops taught by Patricia Anderson

Benefits to class pack:
You get a private or semiprivate class if low attendance
Blueprint information and universal week understanding is invaluable!
[ ] streamlines your life
[ ] Improves your self awareness and relationships with everyone
[ ] Improves your manifestation with less effort and
[ ] Much more

Missed classes:
[ ] Rollover to following month
[ ] May be used for private consultation on home practice by phone
[ ] May be applied to private student, family or other group class
[ ] May be applied towards Harmonyum Healing System treatment
[ ] May be applied towards various Life Blueprint sessions
[ ] May be applied towards other Self Healing classes
[ ] May not be applied towards supplements or essential oil products

Ask me for creating something that works for you and your group, family or business

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