Ask your Personal Angel’s for help right now. They are waiting

Last week I saw a vision in meditation
An Army of Angel’s waiting.

Motionless available to help
No one asking
They just wait
They respect free will
Meanwhile countless people suffer unaware
All they have to do is Ask for help
Each of us has our Personal Angel’s
They know exactly our needs
They are designed to be in our energy and realm so we can live
Stress free by the Great Architects design
In 2010, my daughter

and I earnestly sought help everywhere
It was when we began to work with our Angel’s that healing began literally overnight
We began to see evidence and feel it

In 2014, again in a deep need for more layers to heal, I saw that all along my requests were fulfilled and faith, trust and true surrender to the Love of Angel’s began
Only the Highest and Best are my request

Taken 1 month after my Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor certification, 90 days after my Advanced IET certification

2 week prior to my first Shakti Naam Yoga class, 22 lbs heavier full of sadness but on my path

Anytime you feel stress, it is difficult to raise your thoughts and vibration
Just Ask and whether you feel it, see or sense it,
Know it
Your request must be answered

Let go and watch
You will receive help in a way that may surprise you.

Bless us all
Our Army of Angel’s are needed and here

If you need help, I am here and I will pray on your behalf

I can also teach you many special clearing and connection techniques you can use and build on effortlessly and effectively as I have through IET and Shakti Naam. It is a way to lose the ancient heaviness and you are worth it!


Patricia Anderson

Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner
Naam Yoga Therapist
Harmonyum Healing System Practitioner