Are you resisting what Is right now? Breathwork, exercise, meditation and more videos

Can we sink into right now ?

Can we Feel it, whatever rises?

Breathe in it?

Set the intention then to change perceptions and Clear the mind:

Dust it out of the system

Shake and blow out all heavy emotions, frustration, anger

Bring in new energy NOW and learn how to use any place anytime within minutes! 60 seconds can change your whole perspective and limitations

Change your waistline, change cravings, heal your heart, end the contributor of heart disease and high cholesterol

Plus create a new way of living by healing your creative center!

Move it, heal, strengthen, balance hormones and make yourself very magnetic to what you want in less than 15 minutes!!!

Then Sing the truth we want to Be in each moment, no matter what is happening?

Vibrate in this truth and spread it

I do this so, I can Be this everywhere, anytime

We are worth it, our children are worth it, our families are worth it

Our World is our reflection

Our world is worth it!

Yoga is Joy

Yoga is Fun

Yoga is Unity

Everything is Yoga

Find your way!

Here is a fun way I fit yoga games in with the children I work with just as I did with my kids when they were little

My experience with my children showed me how essential and easy it is to create energy to be that positive, energetic caregiver

My intention is these videos help you to create your happy, peaceful abundant, effortless life

Let’s create an effortless life together anywhere


No matter who is in your life

You are worth it!

Nothing replaces a full class where we join our Electromagnetic Fields together to heal, move and replenish. There are Naam Ypga teachers across the globe and Centers!

You can also schedule a remote class by zoom with me or join a group zoom class so you can learn these self healing tools and incorporate more in your life as I have.

Take in a class, schedule a self healing class or more!

Message me at and

Start positive change together