Activate your Healing Centers to reduce stress now– Guided meditation

Here is a gift to help you now as the new moon time and Jupiter assists us to create our Abundance iin all areas.

If our nervous system is calm and strong, so is our health and life which makes all parts of our life abundant.

Our health is our wealth

Our calm, strong, happy energy makes us better in our relationships, parenting, as employees, in our businesses, as students, for all parts of our lives…..

This is excellent to use as a family and with children of any age. I introduced this practice to mine at age 12 and 14 and many therapists for their patients beginning in 2012.

More instructions to come in the future.

For now, enjoy, explore and comment!

When you finish and when you are ready to move around just ground yourself by touching feet or crossing wrists
Remember to ground when you wakeup as well

Useful anytime of day
It is short and affective!

May we all live a stress free, Abundant, happy life as we are designed!