Patricia Ametherea – here to facilitate your transformation from the Path of Fear to your Path of Love and ORIGINAL ENERGY


I love to help people transform to their true selves one simple step at a time.

My experience involves more than 16 years of sponsoring many in 12-step, spiritually based programs to regain a spiritual connection that nurtured them back to a vibrant life, as it has for me. In doing so I have learned countless lessons. In June of 2008, I began my awakening process through many meditation and spiritual studies led by Enlightened Masters, spiritual teachers. With the healing of loving Source my vibration raised where many Multidimensional gifts are available to me. In December of 2011 I hit zero point frequency and True Self for the first time. I began on my mission to heal others at that time. I am only one of countless people who have done the same and passed their healing and knowledge on to me for YOU! I have an attunement to a powerful angelic energy ray with activated 12- strand Spiritual DNA and 12 Chakra alignment. With cleared lower chakras I bring a channel of energy through me to you that is free of density which allows you to experience a pure flow of energy for your healing.

My primary gift is energy reading, energy cleansing and activation to ones Soul

Head Waters Rainbows

Star (8th Chakra) to experience clarity of Life Purpose and steps to evolving. This naturally begins the process of feeling and knowing the difference between the Soul and Ego, resistance and Essence. Raising out of victim consciousness becomes so much easier and second nature. I use the beautiful and powerful platform of the Angelic Realm and the World Angel Grid through Integrated Energy Therapy® techniques to facilitate healing in a safe and light way. This modality is also combined with Energy Cleansing through your Protective Light Energy from Your “Home” and your Healing Angel/Guide. You receive the healing you need from your main healing source not through my mind or EGO! You are also empowered to awaken your own self healing and intuition through this process so you will not be dependent on anyone to understand your Intuition or to improve your life.

I receive new activation and improvements to my Soul Union on Earth ongoing. If you would like to understand why we may be connecting at this time to assist you in Ascension and fulfillment of your Soul Evolution, email me at patriciaametherea@gmail.com! I look forward to meeting you