A Simple practice and upgrading your mindset can easily shift your life from one of Stress and struggle to living effortlessly ~~ Private & Group Sessions forming

There are many of us who know a daily recipe for calm, purposeful, effortless living but often do not know how to make the shift of swimming in the tools to applying them in a methodical, systematic manner. When you do, your natural, feeling system turns on and you begin to feel what will help you each day. Until you do, following someone’s system that is proven to work is wise, time saving and ensures success while also keeping you in balance in a busy life.

Through the years I have applied a system each day to keep me on track. I began developing this system when I was very young. It was innate and spoke to me because I felt my natural rythmn and energy. I began to regain my balance again in 1995 and do the same, accelerating it as I mentored and learned from many students, my own experiences and families.

In 2011, I developed a system for Self Healing that was tried and true in each session connecting one to their natural, feeling system and today watch how each baby is born in touch with their self healing energy balance just as you were with yours and still are whether you use it or not. It is my gift as a Naam Yoga Therapist and energy expert to help you know what will cleanse and balance from the inside so you can get in tune with your systems signals.

I do private and group sessions to connect you to this feeling system, by giving you information on your life blueprint and identifying your inner energy blocks so you can feel them and clear them yourself.

We use breathwork, exercises, guided meditation and more making this effortless so each session causes an easy yet significant shift and you learn to maintain this with your own exercises. You will feel more relaxed, clear and energyzed than you have since you were young even in the 1st session.

We energyze your home, create a system so you can lighten your energy, mind and emotions within moments as you go through a day so you can decrease your stress, strengthen your nervous system and have a clear mind. You can make these shifts just like you upgrade your cell phone or operating system or your computer. It feels fantastic and once you learn how to do this for yourself as I did, you will make great strides with little effort and only return when you need assistance with very large shifts.

If you would like a sample session, I am having complementary zoom sessions beginning Saturday, Nov 24 or full sessions if you are ready to dive in.

Give to yourself first this time

Get on my list for Nov 24, 26, 27 or 29 or for more information by emailing me at patricia00300@gmail. If you write me a short note, I can answer with clarity on your energy blocks and affirm your inner feeling system so you can determine how this works for you.

Private foundational sessions $96 (includes video and guided meditations plus support)

Series of 3 sessions $192 (1 free) includes videos, guided meditation plus support,

Schedule 1st in series now or early December, late dec or before the 12th of January for an amazing payoff in your life! You may also gift this and receive such an energy payoff as you improve your connection and that in another person.

Group sessions $57

Group series of 3 $66

All sessions include your family or relationship dynamics

All sessions include you in a delightful group, remote (comes in your sleep) Integrated Energy Therapy Healing session with feedback or live call if you can attend. It feels like a very relaxing energy massage that just keeps on giving. Your Higher Self will bring it in for you I exactly the right way. Feedback will open your eyes and lighten years from your appearance, mind and emotions! You can include all loved ones to receive so you raise the energy of your whole circle!

You can include yourself in a Facebook group to feel supported, receive tools and notice growth in community.

You know you want effortless living through the holidays for a whole new way of living but you also know you just want to wait until you have more time. That is natural. We all say that. I did for years and years and years until I broke myself. Literally. I now offer this at the beginning of the holiday season near end of the year for that very reason. It is time to give to you first so you can begin a new life by the New Year. It is paramount, especially THIS year.

Feel inside

Feel your system speaking

Quiet yourself

Feel your breath

Feel your tension

Feel your heart

Ask yourself. “Do I know how to relax and a system to create a stress free, passion filled, fulfilling daily life within minutes a day? Do I believe it is possible? Do I want that? Do I deserve it? Is this lady crazy? Isn’t it the most stressful time of the year? Is it worth 20 minutes to find out and to receive a free experience I can use daily to help myself know and connect to myself for the rest of my life?”

When you know the answer, feel pulled or feel any self doubt at all, email me Patricia00300@gmail.com. Your whole system will thank you! I will be happy to take a few minutes to lighten your mind and heart in a way you will be surprised is possible!

Bless you

Bless your life and Light and those precious people who are in your life. May you blossom and truly open as the fragrant rose that you are!