Sessions unlocking your potential, restoring bliss body, health, and far more

If you long to be calm, happy and able to face anything in your life with security

Your Heart is what you have searched for all along

If you desire that feeling back….the one where you completely believed in yourself, your life, your destiny, or one where you were just Being yourself and loving life

If you remember Being happy and blissful and want that bliss body healed once again

If you are reaching for that unknown fulfillment and just can not seem to fill up

If you want to conceive a child, improve your family life, restore a relationship, build a new business or go to the next level in any area of your life

Or if you just need to refresh, restore and know that feeling of complete relaxation and fulfilling restfulness, to just lay back and receive with certainty that you will be safe and integrate with ease

Say “Yes! I live Effortlessly and Thrive”

These sessions are for you and to heal absolutely anything with ease, no work on your part or strain


There is a special space within each of us that holds all of our connection and answers. It has taken a lifetime of training and many, many masters and experiences. I can truly say, when I first felt it, I sank into ahhhhhh…..finally, I am here and I have never left it since. I’ve learned how to come to it and deepen that connection so that it fills my every moment and has rejuvenated me in ways that has revolutionized my way of Being, health, service and fulfillment. The absolute best part is I do not do one thing to experience this. I am guided there just as I create a space so you are guided “there” and it takes care of itself

I have had such incredible experiences with all ages in these sessions and can not wait to dedicate some time for you to receive.

I did, you can

What will happen in your session:

You may go deeply out in ways and spaces

You will feel safe, calm, relaxed and many sensations.

You may remember or experience a lot or you may just sleep

Within 24 to 48 hours and through about 7 days you will begin to flow in a new way with awareness and definitely be filled with Light and energy as you were young again

You find you look different, younger, brighter, lighter and you have a calmer mind and ease to grow from that state. You lose the emotional, mental weight or whatever you choose as it is all based on your intention and choice

You will receive instructions and support and can also experience a community of others to help you grow your techniques to maintain your energy with invigorating breathwork and exercise by video, playlists designed specifically for your energy needs.

To heal your relationship with yourself, your children, spouse or that difficult person in your life, you will receive information on your Life Blueprint which is incredible and profound upgrade where you will say…..”I knew it, and no wonder!” As I did.

You will meet your Personal Angel’s in a deeper, working experience, or for the 1st time or other special Angelic, Forces of Light from the Highest and Best. You may explore this or just receive and allow it to remain in your awareness for down the road if all you want a this time is to be guided into a healed, nervous system state

You will have access to your Personal records through time and far more

You will improve the energy of your home, car, workspace, spaces you frequent and loved ones spaces

No experience or belief is required as this is an experience and perhaps a new experiment in deep healing depending on your level of awareness in energy healing.

Let’s go into your Heart and unlock your potential and bliss body

Sessions are approximately 1 hour or so depending on your goal and what your Higher and Angel’s do in your space by phone or zoom. This allows you to sink in, not have to be disturbed and raise the vibration of your home or office in a profound way that is permanent and improves each time you walk through your space!

I will post my schedule for sign up soon. You may request now for me to hold your spot for sessions beginning all hours Sat 9/15, Sun 9/16, Monday morning 9/17, Tues, Thursday am….

If you need more information email me at and we can have a very short sample and conversation….you will feel it immediately

Hurry….I an booking up and starting my waitlist:)

If you made it this far, take action. Your Heart and Soul have already chosen.

Lovingly, Patricia