This Sunday 10/21 is THE Day!

We are now creating our Abundance and future in this new Jupiter Universal time and before the full moon on 10/24.

Let’s restore ourselves, learn and experience a way to connect to our Higher Self and Angels that shifts our security, comfort and reduce stress and let go of old baggage, emotional weight, lessons or patterns
I promise there is slight breath and movement but nothing like Shakti Naam magnetic sweating quats or much sweat at all actually 🙂

We are all meant to live Stress free! Truly!

I discovered this tool in 2012 through Integrated Energy Therapy. My daughters and I embraced it easily and continue to use it today. It takes seconds a day and you, your children, significant other, roommates, friends can utilize it in any situation or even in the middle of the night with ease.

♡Let’s energize ourselves and improve the energy of our homes, schools, offices and more for our highest and best healing and for those we care about AND even those who we may hold old grievances!
We will have an exercise that will feel fantastic and be fun for the whole family!

♡Let’s do a proven manifesting process that will bring in wealth, health, emotional and mental peace and beyond our comprehension that Universe knows will delight us!

Be as you are!
While you are relaxed, comfortable and perhaps even in your Sunday house clothes 🙂 with messy hair, let’s meet on the phone or video.

Sunday 10am

40 minutes max or hop off when needed

Facetime on mute or

Call only

Free for members with current passes
$15 for drop in Naam Yoga Break students
$15 for anyone new ~~Invite others

Payment for class below

Create your deepest desires for:

Home, sweet Home environment and relationships that feels like a true Home on all levels
Your Family (even those you struggle to like)


Deep fulfillment and happiness

The planet
Every facet of Life
Get ready for Abundant last quarter of year!

If interested RSVP and I will send brief items to gather
If you need another time, let’s set one! I am open before 1pm, 10/21 Pacific time

Text direct with questions or email

Group Guided meditation by phone

I love you all and can’t wait to experience this with you all in the right way at the right time!