He keeps doing that!! Why do I have to keep experiencing this?! I asked my Angels, and they said….

I was puzzled by his behavior
It was a very familiar sensation
I asked the Angels
“I did my part to see me side
I had no anger
No judgement

Not even that sensation that always helps me check my projection/perspective
Yet, I felt uncomfortable

What is it?”

From Tiny Buddha

The definition of insanity is what I heard….
Doing the same thing,
Expecting a different result

Complete shift came
It all dissolved
I let go

This Divine Soulmate played his part perfectly so I could heal one of my deepest programs

If they don’t, I have to……

He reflected MY need to change and focus only on my inner harmony

Nothing needs to change on the outside
It starts inside
Then the change happens
If you understand yourself as a
Divine Being creating your experiences to Evolve, that is

We are free to experience everything at our pace
To experience life all different ways
We have free will to create
And we always create

We often call it
“I should….I must…. I can’t because… they won’t let me….the system is broken…”

all the false beliefs made real as we believe and repeat them

No matter what the elements are or what we call it
We create it
We just do it Unconsciously until
We choose to become conscious

Every person, place, thing
Every experience reflects us
So we can see the Energy we are

At times it’s hard to see the message that Divine Teacher— person, place, thing, event is delivering

But it is so worth the healing lesson and Self Reflective, Self Responsible effort

Change your vibration

Change your perception

Change your life

We are


I love you all💞

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