Tools to win the fire of the day 2/18 for the gifts of 2/19 and beyond!

Pause when agitated and gain Light

For big payoff today

And tomorrow!

Today is an extra firey day (free audio version below)

If you’re good and observe that’s great

But if you feel the cranky in your head use your tools and observer

Breath helps me start and insulate so I rise above the experiences around

If you have time now,

Clear your head and boost your system with oxygen

If you are already in the thick of your day

Fit it in!

Pause Anytime take

30 seconds often to

cool your blood 😎

All fingertips together for balance

Sit tall

Tuck chin slightly for long neck

Slowly inhale

Tongue touching back of teeth or curled

Pause at top of breath

Exhale slowly through nose 👃

Cooling can help you be neutral and non reactive

Here is the audio version

We will get big pay off tomorrow by gaining Light today!

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