Use your voice to calm and clear your mind, guided meditation, my 2020 You are Essential message plus breathwork

It can take a lot to shut out the thoughts and many versions of ourselves

In the end, we come full circle and gratefully,
Thankfully find it’s simple
No complex techniques, programs or pages of information needed
When you use your voice
Your Breath
And move

Love vibrates through every cell from our very 1st breath on Earth
With our first cry
Our voice, hands directing energy and our movement cleanses
And communicates it all
It’s a direct line to the Heart of our caregivers no matter their consciousness
Our voice can create what we need
Our voice carries consciousness
Our voice creates movement around us

I watch it each day in babies and children of all ages as a Naam Yoga Therapist and energy Practitioner

Babies love to feel sound vibration when we sing
I use sounds that promote balance and healing as they eat
Ra ma da sa sa say so hung
It calms me, it calms them

My voice
Hands directing energy in mudras
My body moving rhythmically
My breath
is what brought me to my first, calming meditative state in 2008
Finally …..after every search to calm my anxiety, thoughts, irritability
I felt new
And I NEVER stopped after that experience
I have watched the same in hundreds of people since that time astounded at the rapid recovery and results

No crazy techniques
No volumes to study

Our voice
Hands creating energy
Breathing in a way that shifts our brainwaves
Our nervous system
Gets us to that feeling of
Ahhhhhhh, I feel connected
I shifted back to

They say the Angels created our hands as symbols to communicate with the Universe
To heal ourselves
I learned this in 2015 in Naam Yoga Teacher training. It all made sense why in 2012,
before I came to Naam Yoga, I learned about healing techniques using Mudra, acupressure points through Integrated Energy Therapy
And in the middle of the night, in a strained, tense moment in a meditative in between sleep state I began to make the sound
And I began to use it in my sessions no matter how odd it felt
That sound heals the nervous system and far more
I learned that the first time I went to a Naam Yoga Gong meditation event when I did the guided meditation portion for the group
I was innately guided to that sound because we are natural self healers in tune with the Universe, our Hearts and our cells know it all

If you are struggling,
Use the sound
Huuuuuuu at your pace for 3minutes continuously as possible, as comfortable
Listening to your system guidance
Consider placing your hands on your heart

Or use the sound
Ommmmmm emphasis on mmmmmm sound
In the way you are guided
Your system is wise
You will feel it
Try this Mudra in the picture and explore your
Self Healing, innate natural abilities
Keep it simple
And do not stop until you feel that shift
It is my favorite system cleanse and time stops
My mind calms and clears

This Mudra stops thoughts
Creates neutrality
It heals our Tree of Life

I have tried many meditations and healing
Some can cause me to feel incredible and heal much but then I can be ungrounded and have yet a new issue
Many techniques come with all components in one
The ones I go to daily also cause my body to move, sweat, glow, self heal, clears cell memory and naturally guided my eating habits
Gives me energy for anything in my day
No downside because it is high meditation through dynamic movement
Yet grounding into the Next right step
They call that
Practical spirituality

I call it
Circle to where
I began
With that first cry that cleansed
Moved all forces I needed to me
While I directed energy with my hands to balance my energy

You are Essential— my 2020 message and breathwork to clear subconscious messages

Guided meditation to create new, clear energy and release chains that bind us in cycles of bitterness and victim consciousness

Forgiveness frees us! Start 2020 Free!

Our growing Naam Yoga group in So Chandler, AZ

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