Why the Highly Sensitive person hurts

A highly sensitive person hurts in interactions because they feel the lack of warmth and compassion in the interchange
They feel the lack of feeling in the other person

When a persons heart is wide open they feel very deeply beyond most sensory
and they feel very vulnerable
When the other lacks feeling and connection to their heart, they do not feel safe to communicate openly with and that can be frightening and overwhelming to the sensitive
Overwhelming in their sensory which then becomes emotional as they begin feeling Both sides of the interchange
The need or automatic program we have build for eons is to shut down, run, hide, withdraw…… guard, make that bigger layer on the old perception and belief
It’s not safe to Be how I am made

Be sensitive
Be heart open and keep it open
The only way we will learn what heart centered living is, is by feeling and witnessing it
Be vulnerable but also be wise
When you know how to build your Electromagnetic field and energy body and keep it very strong,
You will send so much love as you feel you will help yourself and the other person you even if you do not speak and you go off to process how you are feeling

Clear your hurt by feeling it
Crying and feeling without blame or anger is cleansing and clear any negativity that rises right away at the Cause
The other person will feel what they need to feel energetically and heal even if they remain cold
I witness it every day
It is worth overwriting that old program that says
“I am too sensitive”
“Being sensitive is not safe”
“Being vulnerable is not wise”
“I have to hide how I am made”
“I am not normal and I do not feel safe to Be myself….”

We will get to that Love Based Living faster and with greater depth for our collective
By Being how each of us is
Accepting all parts of ourselves even when at odds

Let’s ban together and support this movement in the Age of Love

When you are sensitive you evolve faster
It is a key component in our evolution
It is a deep wound from the prior Age we are healing so be patient and love yourself and each other through it
We never know what that unseen, unknown is and what the Creator intends with our experiences no matter how conscious we are
Not one person here is 100 percent tapped in or beyond tests the Universe sends us

Our future:
The children of the 6th race are much different energetically
I watch them daily navigate this energy in an amazing way especially if they have a person around who validates their wisdom
And one that has a strong Electromagnetic Field
But even if not, they are wise and ready but truly need a world who will support their nature and they will make sure we move forward no matter what they have in their support system
They teach us each day that we are All New🌞
The Crystals and the Indigos have paved their way!! Thank you for your Service!

👼☀️If you need a practice to strengthen your energy body and clear your patterns with sensitivity so you can safely live in your Heart space, I am here
I have many free videos to start with
I have gone from hiding in my house 5years ago to Being Impermeable and free
I have such a great respect for everyone!
We all deserve to live in Joy in our true nature

I love you all

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