Healing solutions are in your Heart just a breath away

Some of us have so much going on because there’s so much Light and energy flowing and we may feel different, uncomfortable or pushed because we are not anchored and have a strong enough body temple to handle so much Light
There are ways to harness your Light and the electromagnetic field changes of the Earth while navigating the majorities response to changes.
Some of us are floating on this Light trying to ground
Some of us still relate to our body of pain and that of others and what is only seen and measurable by culture
Some of us receive signals, mental messages that are pushy or invasive due to need and attachments from family, old lovers, current lovers who are disconnected….

Wherever you are in the spectrum
You can honor your journey
Accept where you are right here and now
This brings in power and raises your vibration
Stabilizes your vibration

Focus on your Heart
Breathe deeply a number of times
Be Home
Right there focused on your Heart
Sometimes it takes quite a breath focus and sensory skin touch to calm your nervous system
Some of us do incredibly well with specific
Sound currents, breath and touch…. hand postures direct energy

Use your voice and Hands

Hey when you are totally disconnected and struggling, I’ve been surprised how fast it works and who will try it! It works

Sound: Ommmmmm focused on the mmmmm sound calms the mind and system quickly
Hand posture: Place hands 6 inches apart at solar plexus (below rib cage). This technique clears the racy head chatter
I lived and cleansed significant heavy energy by doing creating a calm I did not think possible. I did Ommmm with this hand posture daily up to 30 or more minutes per day and the time would fly by and the results to my health and wellbeing were worth the time.
Just try it and test it out but give it at least 3 minutes, 7 min, or 11 minutes as a test

Do you use your Personal Angels?

As you focus on your Heart
Your Personal Healing Angels have Exactly what you need
They Will respond to what you need their way, your ideal way whether you believe or sense it
They will help
You will be better for it
Make it fun

Your Heart is your doorway into Solution
Your Breath is the key

When you open the Door to Love
You open the door to Everything
So let your Heart which is in Tune with Love guide you by feeling your way
Your nervous system will calm
Your Breath will relax
Your Angels will meet you there

Until you feel that calm
I send Love, care and Angels

Here’s a short meditation, no need to watch video, just relax and let go….
Sleep is super
It’s short☀️

Use the Earth. Nature surrounds us for a reason!

🌲Tree and Sun healing and grass …. I use the force of trees and Sun to ground and heal me, to energyze and keep me in tune. I try to be near a live tree and in the Sun each day even if it’s cloudy or if it’s short. The a Electromagnetic Field is the Earth comes through our feet and hands faster. Barefoot is still THE thing and if you feel nuts, or your children are low energy, weary, irritable, get out there and be in touch with the Earth. It’s a must for our balance and for our Electromagnetic field to thrive. It could calm so much of what we have going on just by nature reconnection🦋

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