School and our passionate work projects for fall starts in a full moon time! So DO THIS TODAY BEFORE 12PM or soon after!

Let’s consciously create a fresh start!

School and New creative work ventures in fall starts during full moon time!
To create a Positive start NOW consider this energy plan:

TODAY, now…..BEFORE 12 or soon after your time
Play this and visualize, discuss the fun of school, begin to create a positive picture of learning and friends and the new tools you have or will find
Order something from Amazon
or shop,
or have kids pick something to write, create to,
a few things for their vision board that is your intention to support a new change and put your money or action on it
Or order Advanced music Therapy tracks
Buy this track…..
There is a process that works!
Create a NEW ATTITUDE which
Creates thoughts
generating feelings,
spoken words
then positive action to begin energy movement
Keep it easy, simple
Do not push
Love generates new
Though often the obstacles come up if there’s anxiousness
This energy is high and forceful so use your music and loving brainwaves, breath to keep it light!!
If you feel reactive
Return to breath!

I choose from the Beautiful Reflections album
This has been moving us in our Naam Yoga classes and at home with our families creating a new, fun loving attitude!

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